Not detecting hard drive on initial boot

By Rich ·
Hopefully somebody has a simple answer! I dont like to bother people on here but I have spent days on this now.

When I turn a laptop on, it takes a long time at the POST screen then says OS not found. So, If I enter setup at the post screen it says HDD is not present.

However, If I turn the laptop on and press ctrl-alt-del immediately it boots up fine. So It doesnt cold boot but it reboots/warm boots fine.

If it was my personal laptop I would get over it, but its a laptop I have to sell and its very frustrating!

I have tried resetting the BIOS (removing the cmos battery), changing every possible setting in the BIOS and a few other things I cannot remember off the top of my head.

Has anyone had a similar problem?

Thanks in advance guys

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as a service tech......

by ---TK--- In reply to Not detecting hard drive ...

We saw a few of these... one turned out to be the motherboard, and the others turned out that the drives were going bad... So I would try swapping out the drive first since thats cheaper (usually)...

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Thanks guys

by Rich In reply to as a service tech......

Brilliant as always. Will give a new HDD a try, if not I will look at getting a new board.

Thanks again,

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I would first test the HDD with it's makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not detecting hard drive ...

Look here for the different makers Testing Utilties


You could also use the Ultimate Boot CD to do some Diagnostics


Without knowing the Make & Model of the NB in question here it's a bit hard to offer anything else.


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