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Not enough free volume D Drive

By dianek ·
When i defrag i get this message.
7% of total free space.
Clear some files off this volume to achieve min of 20% free space for acceptable performance.
As my computer keeps freezing i believe it could be linked to this problem.
What files are safe to remove
Any help much appreciated to stop the dreaded freeze everytime i use my laptop.

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by zlitocook In reply to Not enough free volume D ...

Start buy going to "start, find, files and folders. Click search and type in *.tmp when it is through searching click edit on the top menu and select all. Then hold down the shift key, and click on file from the top menu and delete. You can do the same thing for *.gid and *.chk. If you have a lot of sound files and movies delete them. Once you clear room run your utilitites. Then back up your files, down load a free program like window washer to help you clean your system. You can remove programs that you do not use through control panel, add remove programs. And if you have a small drive on your laptop you can always upgrade.

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by TheChas In reply to Not enough free volume D ...

I assume that you also have a C: Drive.

How much free space is on the C: drive?

The low amount of free space on your drive may or may not have an impact on your system freezing.

Does the drive have data files?
Program files?
Backup files?

For the C: drive, there are a number of things that we can recommend.
For your drive, we really need to know what is on the drive before we can offer good suggestions as to what you can safely remove.

General guidelines for files that you can remove:

Any file over 2 weeks old is safe to remove.

Open your web browser (IE, Netscape) and clear the disk cache or temporary internet files.
For IE, click on Tools, Internet Options.
On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click on Delete Files.

Clean out your old email messages.

Old data files that you either don't need or have good backup copies of can be deleted.

Another thing you should try is to download and run AdAware from
This program helps you get rid of spy-ware and ad-ware that some websites and "free" software installs on your system.


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by jsolari020 In reply to Not enough free volume D ...

First try to clear your temp files..this is usually a good place to start.. a easy place to start is right clicking on the D drive>going to properties>then selecting disk cleanup. You could select everything in here.

Also try deleting any old games or software you no longer use. This is usually the issue if your computer has had everything on it for a amount of time.

If all else fails a new harddrive attached to the system with some of the file slocated on that instead of your local drive will also clean this up.

p.s. Norton systme works has useful program to cleanup data!

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