Not enough memory to run Microsoft Office Excel

By SteveCCC ·
Hello all,

I have an issue on multiple workstations. When users try to open Excel 2003 by double clicking an Excel file they get an error: "Not enough memory to run Microsoft Office Excel. Please close other applications and try again."

I have searched high and low and tried almost every suggestion and nothing seems to work. For this issue I have:

-Repaired and Re-Installed Office
-Re-installed the OS
-Changed the pagefile to allow for more virtual memory
-Tried to open Excel in safe mode.

Also the memory itself is not an issue because most of these computers have 4gb and just the odds alone of four separate workstations all with the same error due to faulty memory is slim at best.

This issue is not constant it just happens towards the end of the day and seems to get fixed by shutting down Microsoft Outlook and re-opening the excel file.

Some obvious things that are taken care of by the re-installation of Windows is that there's no add-ons in the XLSTART and the temp files in IE and Windows are minimal thus not putting a lot of demand on RAM.

So any other suggestions would be a great help. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: This is not the same Excel file giving the error so a corrupted file is also out of the picture.

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