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Not expecting an answer to this one

By LoonIT ·
ASUS M2NPV-VM. This machine was awesome when it was first built a year ago. It still is pretty awesome except for one minor thing. Recently it has decided that when it is shut down or restarted, that it is NOT going to start back up. I hit the power button and the fans crank up and the lights light, but nothing on the screen. When I bounce the box i get the same results. The only way I can get it to fire back up is to pull the power cord out of the back, wait for the lights to fade, plug it back in then power it up. I have never seen anything like this. I have already tried replacing the RAM, replacing the video card, Erasing the RTC RAM and resetting all of the connectors. If there is anyone out there who can shed some light on this PLEASE fire away.

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Have you tried a new power cord?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Not expecting an answer t ...

And if that fails, a new power supply?

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by wdavison In reply to Not expecting an answer t ...

I had this happen to me twice with ASUS boards. There are voltage regulators on some of the boards and they go bad from time to time. Call ASUS and tell them whats going on and see if they can replace the board or give you a discount on your next board. It's probably out of warranty, but be persistent and see what you get.

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When (if you can) you power up next time, try this..

Go into your bios, and find the section that has something like "NOS" in this section you might have the motherboard overclocking by something like 5 to 10 percent, put this value back to normal or "auto" and then re-boot your computer. The computer might shutdown automatically and then startup automatically this is normal when you do some settings in the bios of which might be major to the motherboard.
Hope this helps you.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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The unexpected

by Kenone In reply to When (if you can) you pow ...

When I have seen this it has always been solved by replacing the P/S. I don't know why and, actually I don't care, whenever I would see this I would just slap a new P/s into the box and move on to my next problem.

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A bit of a expensive move..

If it is just a few tweaks that need to be done in the bios , don't you think?. Say a new power supply costs $155 (might be less) and you keep on buying a new one each time something similar happens, would you not think that this would be too expensive option?. To me it is, i sort (nearly) everything in the bios to get things moving/fixed and i do not go and buy a new psu unless it is on its last legs. :)
I do keep a spare for just testing though.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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How Much??

by Kenone In reply to A bit of a expensive move ...

The P/s I use were costing less than $50 each and we were buying them by the case. We had other power issues at the site that ate P/Ss regularly so we always kept plenty on hand. New PC's and high end boxes may use expensive P/Ss but the basic boxes in this building don't, many are 250/300w units. Takes 5 minutes to swap.

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If you read my post.. you would have seen..

(Might BE LESS).
Please read the post properly before sending your post complaining about what is written.

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by LoonIT In reply to When (if you can) you pow ...

your post worked perfectly. Thanks a ton. I did over clock this board when I first assembled everything way back when. I just did not think that option would have effected the machine in this manner. That is pretty awesome that you knew that.

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No problem..

NT :) :)

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Reset the BIOS settings

by jblack In reply to Not expecting an answer t ...

Personally, I think the problem is with the motherboard..... Something I've found that helps with odd motherboard problems is reseting the BIOS. Most boards have a jumper that you can connect for a couple of seconds and then put back to reset the settings. That has fixed quite a few odd problems for me. Personally, I'd try this before replacing the Power Supply or motherboard. This only takes a few seconds, and if it doesn't work, you haven't lost anything. Check your user manual for instructions on how to reset the BIOS settings.

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