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By lckylzr ·
Is the 25-digit Product Key Code retrievable from the Windows Vista Home Basic CD prior to installation?
I do NOT want to retrieve it from the registry.
I need to know how to find it on the o/s installation disc/CD.

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It's not on there.............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to NOT FROM THE INSTALLED O/ ...

It's not on the CD. There is a decryption routine during installation which determines if the key you've found on the side/bottom/inside of the case and typed into the screen is valid for the type of install you're attempting.

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What's the difference?

by jimmy-jam In reply to NOT FROM THE INSTALLED O/ ...

Should be the same either on the CD or on the PC. Unless you don't have the PC and your intentions are less than upstanding...

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I have not tried it in Vista, but in XP you can.

But i can not post it here. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Easy answer is NO it's not

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to NOT FROM THE INSTALLED O/ ...

The Vista DVD has all of that versions available Vista Installs on it from Home to Ultimate and the different parts are activated by the 25 Digit Alpha Numeric Key.

So if you have a 32 Bit Vista Install DVD you can install from Vista Home to Vista Ultimate depending on the product key that you got for the License that you purchased. The Install DVD doesn't actually have a Code on it for the Product Key it only has a range of Codes that it can accept to install the different features that you did or didn't pay for.

If you do not have a Certificate of Authenticity on the case with your Product Key on it then you most likely have a Pirate Copy of Vista installed.


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