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not moving up

By mtolab ·
I have been working for this company for 7 years, I got my MBA from Keller about 2 years ago. I am still in the same position for the last 5 years and didn't move up. our main office is in Denver which where I applied for about 32 postings for last 1 1/2. no call back from any hiring managers. What do you guys think the problem is? is it where got my MBA from? Because it is not a well known school?

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It is difficult to know

by Tig2 In reply to not moving up

Perhaps the answer os to become a "squeakier wheel". Is your boss aware of your desire to take on a new challenge? Have you spoken to anyone in the deaprtment that you want to move to? Can you clearly define what you want to get to? Or are you simply feeling that you need to move on?

Once you can clearly define the job you want to be in, look around your work environment and determine the people in the path. Talk to them about your goals and the value you bring to the table.

Sometimes we forget that we have to take different basic steps in the current hiring environment- once it was sufficient to submit an application, now it is important to network.

They won't move you up without you telling them that you want to- and applying isn't enough. You have the skills to market yourself! Don't worry about your school, TELL people why moving you up is a good move for them!

Good luck!

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What are you doing to get noticed?

by sean In reply to It is difficult to know

Other than your immediate co-workers and your boss, does anyone else in the company have any idea who you are? Have you given anyone else some special attention when they were having a hard day? You need to let them see that you are capable of doing the job and of course that you are the best candidate.

On the other side, does your resume look professional, does it stand out from the others?

There are a few things it could be, however considering you have made that many applications, and got no replies, I would suggest you re-evaluate your current strategy.

Have a great day

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It never ceases to amaze me why people work for so many years....

by Why Me Worry? In reply to not moving up

in a company without any movement or progress in their careers. I would bail sooner if I saw that there was no way for me to improve my skills or advance my career. Why are people so afraid to make that change and take the right steps to benefit themselves? Do you really think employers give a damn about their employees? I've seen the true meaning of "corporate loyalty" and know enough to pack up and walk if a company stands in the way of my personal and professional development. Regarding your MBA, it's not the school, but most likely the lack of experience in a managerial role that is the problem. Simply having a degree means nothing if you can't walk the walk. The same goes for people who think that being certified up the wazoo with no experience will land them a 6 figure salary paying job. Paper means nothing without experience.

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I hear Ya

by educated_1_2 In reply to It never ceases to amaze ...

I know exactly what you are saying. I have 7 years experience in the IT/Telecom field with an MBA finished in 2003. Working on my second Masters in MIS now. Very frustrating not to move up. Why Me Worry hit it on the nose regarding managerial experience required. But, a more important field, networking. Who ya know and who ya ....


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More's "who knows you" that will get you places

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I hear Ya

which is why it is very important to engage in social networking and get to know people in the industry. You never know how someone can help you out in your career until you get to know them and talk to them.

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