not powering

By viqtor ·
my laptop cq 62 was spilt with with water and upon opening i did find a blown component (p 04). I have tried to look exactly what this component even blowsing the motherboard with no can u help me?

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You should probably take it to a qualified technician for repairs,

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to not powering

unless you have the skills, tools and schematics to repair it yourself. Finding just the right transistors, capacitors and other circuitry may be a bit more daunting than you want to undertake. Also, you should weigh the cost of repair versus replacement to determine if it is cost effective to repair. You said a CQ62, I'm assuming you have a Compaq Presario CQ62, so you might be able to contact an authorized HP repair shop. For what it's worth, I have one of these as well, and while the system doesn't give me trouble, the keyboard does have a couple of keys that are kind of sticky, require a bit heavier tap to of those things I put in my "round tuit" file.

edit to add: since you already have it opened, you may be able to use the hard drive in another laptop to save any important data, IF the HD has not been damaged by the liquid spill!

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the letter P is not a component type letter

by robo_dev In reply to not powering

If that is perchance an F then it's a fuse, D would be a diode.

can you describe what the part looked like?

is it radial, axial, surface-mount, square, brown, tan?

Where is this part on the board? Near the power connector, near the processor, etc?

If there was enough of a short to destroy a component, it would be rare that only one component failed.

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