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Not reading CD's

By wordmaster1 ·

I am running 98SE and have a CD burner, a CD player, and a DVD burner. The drives all show up and device manager says they are working properly. When opened, they show a blank like with a CD with nothing on it regardless of what CD is actually there.

When right clicked in My Computer and then "properties" is clicked, you can see what disk is in it, but the disk will not open.

All three drives were previously working. Jumpers, cables, etc. are OK. I have uninstalled all Nero and Roxio programs that write the disks or address them in any way.

My machine is a dual boot and in win 2000 all three CD's work fine. Just a problem in 98SE.Other than Nero, which is now uninstalled, no new software has been added since they were working. in fact, they all worked after Nero was installed, but that is the latest thing that was installed.

All help appreciated.

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by ghimpe-- In reply to Not reading CD's

DO a Recovery of the Win98 OS. There is a utility to recover the OS on the CD. I'm not 100% but i belive it can only be run from DOS.

GooD LucK!

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by wordmaster1 In reply to

The 98 recovery is only available if you have done a Micosoft Backup.

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by weavexi In reply to Not reading CD's

Do a Scandisk All Hard Drives (to fix Hard Disk problems), Reboot and re-install Nero.

This fixes my clients problem like yours.

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by wordmaster1 In reply to

Good idea, Tried it but no joy

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Not reading CD's

you saying, you put in a win98 setup cd and you get this blank-ness?
not cd's that may have been previously used with in-cd type software that now no longer exists...
you uninstalled nero because it cropped up this problem?

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by wordmaster1 In reply to

Poster rated this answer.

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by BorgInva In reply to Not reading CD's

word, I had the same problem once and I had to actually update the drivers of my readers.

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by wordmaster1 In reply to

Tried this, no joy

Finally broke down and reloaded Windoze which brought the CD's back in line and working.

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by wordmaster1 In reply to Not reading CD's

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