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By uhuru4 ·
I have windows XP pro. When I turn on the computer It take forever to load. I know I need to add more ram but it worked fine. Now when I try to load windows I get the not responding. Then I have to close and try again. After two or three attempts i finaly will be able to get on the internet. This is a Fujitzu laptop. no program is runing other than trying to load google default page. I open the task manager and when it is trying to load it is using 100% CPU. Then if I leave it be then it will eventualy start responding.

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A thought or two....

by ---TK--- In reply to Not responding windows

I would recommend reboot, jump into safe mode with out networking hit F8 after POST, before Windows loading screen, run an AV scan, run your fav. spyware/maleware scanner (spybot S&amp and Malwarebytes are my two fav.). If by chance you have something, sometimes you have to run a spyware scan first, which will leave the virus vulnerable, then clean the virus with your AV...

You could also run a chkdsk /R, after the reboot you could also try running scf /SCANNOW.

Another thing to check out is: what Non-MS programs are starting up at boot? If you have 15-20 programs starting in the background this could cause an issue.. to check this out (can be done in safe mode also) keystroke WinKey+r > msconfig > 6th tab > look through the list and uncheck what you dont need starting up. Be careful! if you disable the wrong programs your GFX or wireless cards might not start up properly!...

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