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Not Seeing LMI

By jjarenajr ·
I was trying to bring a remote office on our network and while on the phone with the World comm Rep he said he didn't see LMI.
My questions is what could cause that? I have configured my equipment the same a 30 locations.

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Not Seeing LMI

by jjarenajr In reply to Not Seeing LMI

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Not Seeing LMI

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Not Seeing LMI

You did not specify the bandwidth you are using, this relates to the problem(s) that can cause not seeing LMI, Or the type of TSU/CSU/Router you are using.

If you are seeing the network/circuit on the TSU/CSU (green lights) then it is possibly a problem with the protocol you are using and the protocol WC is using. (ANEX D, Cisco, LMI Rev 6,, etc) In the router/frame relay they can specify the type they are looking for and if it does not match yours they will not see LMI.

Not all lights are green on a TSU; If CSU is not green then the TSU does not "see" the DS1. If the DSU light is not green then the TSU does not "see" the router. Ensure all cables are completely seated and skrewed in tightly.

Not all lights are green on a CSU;If the DSU light is not green then the CSU is not "seeing" the router otherwise it is not "seeing" the network.

Possible causes and the order most often seen;
After testing the software loop was not taken down.
Bad cable pairs between the CO and the site.
Out of the box equipment failure or bad cable.
Someone need coffee more than the NEI (Network Equipment Interface [software loopable device at the customer's site]) needed to be powered up.
Hardware failure on the circuit (including acts of nature).

With 30 locations all comming up perfectly, I would look at bad equipment out of the box. That is only a 1 in 30 equipment failure.

Hope this helps.

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