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Not So Private Conversations-Bush & Blair

By marileev ·
How many times has this happened to you -- you're talking, having a conversation you assumed was private only to discover that someone was listening in

For most of us, it's just a bit of gossip for a stranger eaves dropping as we have lunch, but the slip-up is much worse if you happen to be George Bush, you're talking to Tony Bliar at a G8 event and the subject matter is the current crisis in the Middle East.

It's amazing that two of the most techophobic world leaders could be so clueless about microphones at a public event. Reporter Adam Boulton with Sky news in London has transcripts of a whispered conversation between the UK's PM and the U.S.'s President Bush

Remember that little fiasco a microphone caused would-be Democratic Presidential candidate Howard Dean? "Yeee-aah!"

Letting out secrets in public or over email can lead to profession downfall. For most of us professionally we don't have the luxury of a fixed term at our jobs.

If I have a meeting with a coworker on say sales strategies and don't realize competitions at the next table, my jobs in jeopardy.

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What a conversation

by Nathank In reply to Not So Private Conversati ...

Are conversations turning into emails in that everything needs to be secured?

If Bush continues to talk like this and think that nobody is listening, he could be an even bigger laughing stock of the middle east. Now I dont think that this could put his job in jeopardy but jeez, I for one do NOT want my president talking about issues in such a lax manner.

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It would have been helpful if

by Tig2 In reply to What a conversation

the original poster noted that the conversation between Blair an dBush was fictionalised.

While the point is valid, there are much better supporting citations.

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Not Fictionalized... real microphone faux pas

by marileev In reply to It would have been helpfu ...

Both the Guardian and Sky News have reported the microphoned matter. It's interesting how our politicians speak in the vernacular when they think no one is listening.

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Still seeking an authoritative citation

by Tig2 In reply to Not Fictionalized... real ...

As the reported conversation is widely believed to be satire.

ABC, CNN, Reuters?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Still seeking an authorit ...

"ABC, CNN, Reuters"

"authoritative citation"

Ooookay then, sounds like news to me.
Whil eI agree that a coule of the sources here were pretty sketchy, this was common news shown by most sources around the world.

your chosen few are just the same sources everyone else has, same corporate owners to please, same bias as any other source. How about the fact that many sources cited the same info/source as spoken into(quoted from) a microphone? It's not like they qall had their own microphones, one story is all it takes, others buy and publish that same story, often citing the source (in most cases these days it's all AP BS).

What makes CNN (probably the most questionable of all) more trusted than others? CNN is just about as propaganda laden as it can get, try watching world news and comparing the two. You'll see far more on BBC for example. a 10 minute video report on CNN is usually at least 30 minutes anywhere else because they don't chop it to bits and bastardize it to fit a chosen agenda.

I am not touting the right over the left or anything else, ALL news is to be second guessed, as you rightly did here, but that second guess includes ABC, CNN and all others.

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Check the dates of the posts

by Tig2 In reply to C'mon!

Not my fault you were late to the party. Get off me.

At the time I posted this, there were no authoritative citations. So I requested one.

Don't think a civil request is acceptable? Tough S...

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Civil request

by Oz_Media In reply to Check the dates of the po ...

First of all, the fact that THIS thread was posted when it was is completely irrelevant. Late to the party? YOu responded to a post I made in another thread stating that the information was not available at the time. It WAS, of COURSE it was, that's where I got it from, it was common world news by the tim eI posted that thread.

If you like, I can backtrack and give you the posts where you claim as much, but I think you may be able to remember for yourself.

Your comments were posted in another thread I started where the news was readily available all over the net, TV and printed media at the time of post.

I posted the thread, how can you claim proof wasn't available when the thread was posted? You can't...thank you.

As for "getting on you" you seem to have forgotten, you posted a reply to a thread I started. You clamied you were right but couldn't possibly be so, even NOW you continue to imply the information was not available when you replied in the thread I started.

I don't think you really know what's up and down anymore, that's okay, I didn't expect too much more.


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And then

by jdclyde In reply to It would have been helpfu ...

to use someones blog as proof of something? When people want something to be true, they will fall for anything.

Reminds me of the quote of the decade. "The supporting documents were fakes, but the story is real".

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Just like the rest of them

by TonytheTiger In reply to And then

They hang on his every word... waiting... hoping :)

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Tigger - Yahoo and 6 ABC also

by j.lupo In reply to It would have been helpfu ...

reported the conversation as having happened. Interesting what happens if you forget to watch for the microphones. Apparently Bush was sitting and eating with Blair when they were overheard or at least Bush was. That is what Yahoo had posted in their article.

Hey I could be being fooled too. But I tend to think the article was accurate.

Edited to add the link of the story:

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