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Not sure where this belongs, but, can I suggest a small change to the site

By Deadly Ernest ·
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one of the things that's very hard to do is to quickly tell which posts have been made as a reply to an earlier post in the middle of a discussion, especially as the number rises over twenty. It would be a lot easier to spot and check such posts if something was done to make those posts stand out.

Now I notice the system shows the number of hours since the post was made, then the number of days once it's over 24 hours, and then the date once it's been up about a week. What about having the words hours and days in a stand out bright colour, say bright orange or red or something, and each as a different colour. So once a post says x days the word 'days' can read in say bright green, and when it's 'hours' it can read in say bright read. Thus when I want to scan the list of posts for anything new in the last day or so, I need only stop to look at the posts where the green 'days' or red 'hours' shows.

Someone who knows where to direct this, please raise the idea with the relevant powers that be. Also, those who think it's a good idea, please register your support by either a vote or a post.

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I miss the "new" flag

by OurITLady In reply to Not sure where this belon ...

I've been trying to follow a couple of recent discussions, but when the posting gets beyond a certain point you just have to give up. If there was an easy way to scan and pick out the new responses it would make things an awful lot easier when dropping back to a discussion to try to catch up.

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They bold new responses now

by Slayer_ In reply to Not sure where this belon ...

So that's an improvement.

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I hate to say this slayer, but I don't see no bold

by Deadly Ernest In reply to They bold new responses n ...

titles or text in any posts at all. At least, not any that stand out as far as I can tell. In many threads the very last post, and only the last post is repeated at the very top of the thread, but that's not always the case, especially if it's a discussion from a blog post.

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Have you deleted your browsers cached files recently?

by Slayer_ In reply to I hate to say this slayer ...

I have noticed when this site updates, the browser cache doesn't seem to update with it, and the site gets glitchy.

Also, I am using firefox. Maybe that matters.

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ayep, clear the cache everytime I close Fire Fox, which happens a few

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Have you deleted your bro ...

times each day.

The closest I get to bold is to put the cursor on it and it goes bold with an underline be it an old message or a new one.

Checking the view source this is the code for a new message in another thread that's new since I last closed the browser, followed by the same section of code for the message it's a reply to which was there and read the last time I checked the thread. The lead in code for each message and the main text of the message is exactly the same for both.

(div class="data")
(h6 class="title")(a tbkcustomaction="selectMsg" href="/forum/discussions/103-3**597-3676301")Do you consider disagreement to be abuse?(/a)(/h6)

(div class="meta")
(span class="name")(a href="/members/profile/858923")NickNielsen(/a)(/span)
(span class="date" title="Edited - Jun 13, 2012 @ 10:00 AM (PDT)")Updated - 7 minutes ago(/span)

(div class="data")
(h6 class="title")(a tbkcustomaction="selectMsg" href="/forum/discussions/103-3**597-3676017")That sounds familiar(/a)(/h6)

(div class="meta")
(span class="name")(a href="/members/profile/4002728")john.a.wills@...(/a)(/span)
(span class="date" title="Jun 12, 2012 @ 7:14 PM (PDT)")14 hrs ago(/span)


the code reads the same for the class and header of both posts.

Anyway, even if it bolds in some browsers and not others due to being optimised for one, it would be a dang sight easier if they were colour coded as suggested. The site already has the code to put the two different words in, it shouldn't be much to amend the code to have the words in a different colour as well.

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by Michael Jay In reply to ayep, clear the cache eve ...

"My default view for discussions is:"
you also need this setting in your preferences set to collapsed, bold does not show in expanded.

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Thanks Michael, does that still show the threads with

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Also

new posts as expanded posts?

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No, only the first post shows expanded

by Michael Jay In reply to Thanks Michael, does that ...

and posts that have been edited since I last read them get re-bolded, and since expanding each post does not reload the whole page it actually works out well.

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Thanks Michael, I'll give it a try and see how it goes, but

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Thanks Michael, does that ...

I still thinks it's a very worthwhile idea as it will also show in the collapsed view too.

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Yeah it would make sense

by Slayer_ In reply to Thanks Michael, does that ...

Why not right?
And in addition to bold, I want them coloured in some way.

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