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Not switching on Pt2

By makoni ·
A lot of Techs responded to my last question with different suggestions. I tried all they said still my pc wouldn't display anything. Do you think it might be the bios thats outdated? I tried to reset the cmos battery still it could not display a thing. If it is the bios how can I update it?

Thank you all who asnwered my first question on TechRepublic. I am still new here and I can see that its a great discussion site I have ever joined already.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Not switching on Pt2

I don't recall the original question. Could you provide a link to it, so that others may see what has already been suggested.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not switching on Pt2

Instead of opening new questions it's easier to add comments to the existing one so we can answer with something different to try.

Buy that being said the BIOS CAN NOT be too lod to allow a compute to boot or allow a display however the BIOS Battery can go flat over time and need changing. When this happens you can get all sorts of screwy problems occuring though I've personally never seen one not produce a Picture but they will very rarely get much past the POST Screen and even then they come up with error messages telling you that there is somethign wrong depending on just how bad the battery has got. This can range from Time/Date errors to more serrious ones where the CPU & Ram is no longer stored in BIOS and needs to be reentered.

Start with the easy things test the monitor on a different Computer and make sure that the power plug is all the way in as sometimes these can be badly made and are hard to put in all the way.

If the monitor works then you'll need to work backwards from there swap out the Video Card if you have one and try in in another computer or swap the Video Card with a Known Good One and test to see what happens.

If that does nopthing I would pull the M'Board out of the case and inspect it looking for breaks in the copper tracks any burn marks and buldging Electrolitic Capacitors these look like little tin cans standing on their ends and should have a Dark Blue/brown or maybe even a sort of red color plastic wrap with a + sign down one side generally in a white or at least a much lighter color strip as well as some writing in the same color but most of the time you will not be able to read it.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

If any are buldging or leaking the M'Board needs replacing. You can also check to see if the fans are actually running as if they are not the Power Supply has most likely died. This can be a bit of a problem, as if the M'Board fails and puts too much load on the PS it will die and you'll kill a new one if you test it on that M'Board. So a very close inspection should be caried out under a maginifing glass with a light on it so you have a better view of both sides of the M'Board.

If this is a very old 286-386 M'Board there could be an Electrolitic Capacitor on the M'Board instead of a Battery and these do leak and destroy the M'Board so if you can see any withish type power or what looks like a fungus on the M'Board don't touch it as it can be dangerious to your health and while it's possible to solder a new one back on you need to be very experienced at soldering and have the proper tools as you'll need an Electronics Soldering Iron that is Temp Controlled and a very fine point with Silver Solder to do the job. WQhile the M'Bopard is out you can also look for any Dry Joints these are solde rjoints that look tarnished or like granuales these will need resoldering with Extreme Caution as you really do not want to heat the components up to more than the melting point of the solder that you are using and even then it needs to be for a short time only. The bigger the component the less heat you want to put into it as they can die very easily.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

BFilmFan I think that this is the link that you where asking for.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

It would also help no end if you listed what you have tried without success as in the other link there where a lot of great suggestions given.

You can click on the Comment Button to add comments on what hasn't worked and what happened when you tried something.

If we know what been tried without success we can then go about suggesting other options.

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by makoni In reply to Not switching on Pt2

Well I finally saw what was the problem with my board. As one of the answer suggested that I do a through analysis of the board, I managed to discover that there were about five dry joints on the agp slot and also the battery was almost flat. So I fixed those problems and it worked one time.

I would like to thank all those who responded to my questions. Thank you very much.

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