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Not virus but rootkit??

By rob harper ·
Common scenario:
End user disregards my advice (and company policy)and manages to download some malware.

OS is W2K;
Symptoms: after restart, machine is pretty much dead in the water -- desktop is pretty much non-responsive to KB&M. Even task manager won't work. Logging off and then on again cures the problem (explorer.exe has to be manually ended), so I'm assuming that the malware is loaded only at boot time.

Downloaded F-secure's Blacklight and it found (and renamed):

Take a cookie out of the jar, F-secure!

Did a Google on both and received 0 hits on both (which I find startling).

Reboot and all seems okay, for now. Can't wait for the next one!

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Random file name

by faradhi In reply to Not virus but rootkit??

Some of the nastier spyware will use random filenames. That is probably why you are not getting any hits.

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by rob harper In reply to Random file name

Good to know. Thanks.

These guys are getting cleverer and cleverer.

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spyware, virus. What are them after all?

by vidalr In reply to Not virus but rootkit??


Which was the first virus in computer history? Was it made or was and error? If it was and error? Was it corrected? If it was corrected why we have so many today? Who made them and why? Do adwares and spywares follow the same principals? Why Windows is known for being vulnerably to virus and spywares? Is the problem in Windows holes and being vulnerably? Or the problem is that Microsoft Corporation is under constant attack? If Windows is attacked, who is the attacker? Why the end user and corporations have to pay for these attacks? Are Linux users the attackers? Why Linux users are known as bug makers?
Which System is better? Windows? Why? Linux? Why? Is Windows against Linux? Or Linux against, Windows? Is the computer industry about finding holes or is about a System that a home user can bring home and safely do his work, his graphics, give it to his children so they become better in many aspects?
Who was the first crush maker in USA history? What did he use to make computers crush in the seventies? A virus.
If you have the answer to this questions please write it.

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by butkus In reply to Not virus but rootkit??

Spybot in safe (network avail) mode.
Darn stupid program is still great at times.

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