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By Walter_Rodriguez_84 ·
Hey Im not sure if thats the subject but here goes my computer doenst seem to be working it just says Verefying DMI Pool data........ and just stays there. I want to know how to fix it or wut do i need to do. Would i have to reinstall XP?

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by dmiles In reply to Not working

To resolve this issue:

Boot from a bootable floppy diskette. Ensure that this diskette was made on the same Microsoft Windows operating system that is installed on your computer.
Once at the A> prompt type "sys c:" and press enter. This should report the message "File system transferred". Once transferred remove the diskette and reboot the computer.
If the computer continues to not boot attempt to re-create the master boot record by booting from the bootable floppy diskette again. Once at the A> prompt type "fdisk /mbr" and press enter. This should return you to the prompt without giving you any message. Once at the prompt remove the diskette and reboot the computer.

Additional information about the "fdisk /mbr" command can be found on document CH000175.

Note: The above information only applies to Microsoft Windows users. If you are running a Linux / UNIX variant or other operating system such as OS/2 and the computer is freezing at this DMI message ensure that Linux / UNIX has been properly installed first and/or your boot manger is not corrupt.

Settings for hard disk drive are not correct

The computer freezing at "verifying dmi pool data..". may be caused when the hard disk drive settings within CMOS are not set properly. Enter CMOS and verify that the hard disk drive settings are set properly and/or that it is set to Auto Detect.

Additional information about CMOS can be found on our CMOS help page.

Boot devices not set properly

If No CD or diskette is in the computer and your computer still halts at the DMI message enter CMOS and verify that the boot options are set properly. We commonly recommend that the floppy be set the first boot device, hard drive as the second boot device and the CD-ROM as the third boot device.

BIOS corrupt or misc. setting not set properly

If none of the above recommendations have resolved your issue attempt to reset the BIOS / CMOS settings to the factory or default settings.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Not working

The main component of DMI is the Management Information Format Database, or MIFD (the DMI Pool Data).
This database contains all the information about the computing system and its components.


The hard drive access mode, in the BIOS, may have been changed from AUTO OR LBA to Normal. Simply changing this setting back to AUTO
OR LBA should fix the problem.


Just enter setup (press DEL while booting) and reset the default configuration (the F keys will be listed at the bottom of your setup screen to load defailts, press F10 to exit and restart).

If that doesn't work:

Access the system BIOS.
Set the drive type as None or Not Installed.
Load BIOS Defaults and reboot.

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