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Not Your Network !!!!

By jeffz ·
I?ve been in IT for a long time, ranging from mainframes and 300 baud modems (back in the day), to today?s current server/client architecture. I?ve planned, created, managed, and administrated networks. This is a job I loved to do before it becamethe ?in? career field. I?m not ?tooting? my own horn, but just adding ?insight? into my background.

After reading many posts over several years on this site, I hate to inform many of you that -- THE NETWORK IS NOT YOURS!!!!! There are business rules, polices, practices, network performance issues, user productivity, time constraints, budgets, legacy applications, vendor inoperability, management, and get this one ? ETHICS, to consider on each LAN/Network.

1. This is not a career field for EGOS ? Nobody is above getting their hands dirty or doing the ?little? things. Remember ? IT is there to help achieve organization?s goals. That?s what you were hired for.

2. The LAN is not for games: You don?t own the bandwidth orthe computers, so WHY do you think you should be able to play games on something that's not really yours? Answer ? Go home and use your own resources!!! If the business polices or rules doesn't state that you CAN play games, then don?t assume thatyou can because you exist and the games exists that you are free to play it on something that is not yours.

3. Self-Importance: This one is funny. During the boom the IT people received a lot of attention and praise. Currently, in today?s climate that?s not happening as much. So, when many IT people ?fix? a problem or come up with a ?solution? their feeling are hurt when management or someone doesn?t ?bow down? because they did their JOB!!!!! (I?m talking smaller issues)I can go on for days on this one.

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Not Your Network Part 2

by jeffz In reply to Not Your Network !!!!

4. News Flash --- You Can?t Know Everything!!! I know that may hurt some feelings out there. I know I don?t know everything, but I know I can get the job done by researching, networking with peers, training, and other methods to gain knowledge in areas that I?m weak on. The more I know ? The more I realize I don?t know. I love that statement ? it?s so true.

5. The many of the ?pre?boom? gals and guys know the importance of adaptability when dealing with different working environments, and their role in that environment. They had too ? just look at the changes in IT sector in the past 10 years. (Assuming they are currently employed by adapting to those changes)

The bottom line is you are being paid to perform a function and provide a service which benefits the organization for whom you WORK for.

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Put the Jolt Cola Down!

by LordInfidel In reply to Not Your Network !!!!

Since I am one of the biggest propents of the attitude you hate. I see it fitting to reply.

Yes, I am employed by the company to do a job.

Yes, It is "technically" not my network. **** for that matter it's not the companies either, it belongs to the shareholders.

No, Games should not be played on the LAN during working hours.

No, the bandwidth is not reserverd for my whims and pleasure.

So with those things out there. This is a different enviroment then the one I grew up with. When I was first introduced to systems (back in the 80's, granted I was a teenager). I did not even know what the term Network Admin was.

All of the "engineers" that I knew who worked at IBM had a air about them and they "WOULD NEVER" allow youto touch their systems.

So is it really that much different now. Now that I am the supreme geek of the company.

Do I have a distaste for users. Yes, of course I do. Do I help them, of course I do. Do I lambast them for doing BoneHeaded things, Damn right I do.

And when it comes to corporate IT policy, Who do you think creates it. The CIO and/or the Sys Admin. Not joe **** HR or even the ceo. They have no comprehension as to what the policies should or need to be.

As far as gaming. When guy's like me make references to it, it's not serious. I'm not off playing UT while things are blowing up around me.

You need to put things into perspective and take the comments and jokes in the way they were intended.

(actual stickers on my work laptop)
I am god.
Fear me for I have the power to destroy you.
Satan works for me now

(and no, one knows everything, that is just an ignoramous thing to proclaim, but then again I am just a babbling idiot)

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No Jolt Cola -- Tea

by jeffz In reply to Put the Jolt Cola Down!

Actually, We agree most points. I've read some your posts, and none of them where the ones I had in mind while writing this.

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Which ones then

by LordInfidel In reply to No Jolt Cola -- Tea


I just sounded like you were blasting me since I am probably one of the biggest abusers on this site.

But something had to yank your chain to blast off like that.

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The ignition key

by jeffz In reply to Which ones then

LordInfidel, you have a good sense of humor (boardline warped, but acceptable) -- work with me on this one -- "I think that may be a little controlling trying to disallow network gaming." Once you stop laughing, can you rational that point of view to me?

I need a vacation.

Article Discussion: How would you handle a tech wannabe who wreaks ...

Message 24 of 106:

Is using a LAN for games a deadly sin?
I agree that the rogue user needs to be shut down, but as you say, "worst off [sic] all use the LAN to play network games" Was this as an employee or as a college student? I think that may be a little controlling trying to disallow network gaming. I understand the unauthorized software being a problem, but I wonder, do you still think you did the right thing?

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My attitude

by LordInfidel In reply to The ignition key

Users under no circumstances should be playing lan games on a corp netwk.

However, since we, the gods of the netwk control the access and should also control software access. A gray hush hush area is one of where some of us install (and secure) aserver in let's say an un named colo some place so that we have unrestircted bandwidth to our personal gaming server.

Have I played games on my netwk.

Yeah, but usually after hours when I am not working. Or on the weekend. But usually not during working hours. Unless of course I need some sort of stress release then it's time for:

"fLaK MoNkEy!"

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by jeffz In reply to My attitude

LOL, But at least your know the rules of the game before you "cheat".

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No "I read your mail" sticker?

by admin In reply to Put the Jolt Cola Down!

No "Got Root?" Sweatshirt?

tsk tsk

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On my car

by LordInfidel In reply to No "I read your mail" sti ...

It's on my car (i read your e-mail) and I have the t-shirt. (other bumps include a NIN sticker, keep music evil, and the double f FF [].

Other t's include,

"It must be user error"
"No, I will not fix your computer"
"Goaway or I will replace you with a very small shell script "
"There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't"
"Got Root?"
"<geek>" "</geek>"
"bow before me for I am root"
"scan mynetwork and die"

And for my wife

"I love my geek"

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Another site for messed up gear

by LordInfidel In reply to No "I read your mail" sti ...

They also accept submissions.

My fave is the
"it put's the lotion in the basket" Shirt.

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