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i dont care if some one disagrees with

by sarai1313 In reply to Note from Moderator

that is thier some time you have to put it out as a argument to get a real answer. most of true facts in sicence came from arguments from the past just because you think it is rirght does not make it so it is only when there is a conceses that it becomes accepted.i have lots of family and friends who relie on me to get ifo for not only on computers to fit thier needs .i will tel you a lot use windows and a lot use apple .what fits thier need and life .so yes ther is nothing like a little argument to get at the truth.peace did not meen to get so much attion have a nice day. i guess some got amd at me and complaned.D'ho sorry about spelling i am dyxlextic

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so whats your point?

by databaseben In reply to i dont care if some one d ...

" ... conceses that it becomes accepted.."

a consensus can go both ways. there can be a consensus for an argument and there will likely be a consensus against that same argument. however, both consensus can be correct and sometimes both consensus can be wrong.

that is the way of the world.

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The problem was not in the disagreement

by NickNielsen In reply to i dont care if some one d ...

But in the tone of the disagreement.

You stated the iPad could not play a certain game and that it could not "add programs you make". Palmetto pointed out that businesses don't care about games and that it was possible to get your own software onto your iPad by going through the app store process. He explained his reasoning and did not advocate for any OS or OEM, yet you called him a fanboy.

.Palmetto is probably the least fanboy-like member of TR.

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It's not just the spelling...

by john.a.wills In reply to Note from Moderator

but the general comprehensibility. I too used to be dyslexic, but just in time I had a teacher who somehow knew how to work around the problem. I know, nowadays it is fashionable to say that dyslexia can't be cured, but that teacher obviously hadn't been told that; this was a long time ago. I suggest you ask around for a teacher who doesn't know the problem is insoluble. I fear I cannot advise on finding such a teacher.

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a common trick to help a large percentage of dyslexic people is to

by Deadly Ernest In reply to It's not just the spellin ...

use a piece of coloured plastic over what they're reading as it helps the letters stand out more and the eye and brain can help with the identification then. Experience has shown that not all use the same colours and it doesn't help all. I've a friend who is dyslexic and he uses an orange filter for reading while his best friend from the special school he went to uses a light red filter. I know there are some other strategies they use, but am not that knowledgeable about them.

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thanks a lot .no i meen it thanks

by sarai1313 In reply to a common trick to help a ...

but i do not have a problem reading the written worrd .but with putting it back down on paper .I have had a lot of help.and once again thanks for your input i know it was out of true concern.peace

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that's part of where the coloured screens, often sypplied as tinted galsses

by Deadly Ernest In reply to thanks a lot .no i meen i ...

comes in. For many the issue with identifying the letters is the way they look get distorted by the eye due to the brightness contrast of dark text on a too light background, the tinted lenses or filters cut that down a great deal and help the eye to make the shapes seems more recognisable - it doesn't help everyone but it does help a significant number. One way to check if this may help you is to get a range of coloured sheets of paper and try writing something on them, if you find a colour that you find it easier to see what you're writing or reading, then it's worth closer investigation.

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Might I recommend typing your responses in word or another word processor

by Slayer_ In reply to Note from Moderator

And then, after a spell check and grammar check, copy them into the post. I can forgive spelling errors and such, but your text looks like it came out of a bad translation program.
I do understand, I frequently have issues placing my thoughts on paper. Some of my earlier posts clearly demonstrate that. But I try to re-read my posts several times to help insure they make sense.

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