Notebook 1st time battery charge

By manny.vill ·
When this topic came up last week at work everyone had different answers and it got me thinking Just how long do you really need to charge the battery for the first time?

Should I charge it after it goes completely flat?

How can I ensure I get the most out of the battery?

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They are all different.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Notebook 1st time battery ...

The best way to know which instructions are best for your particular equipment is to READ the OWNERS MANUAL.

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Ditto that ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Notebook 1st time battery ...

In any workplace you'll meet all sorts of pseudo-experts that claim to know the best way to do something with a computer. Much of the time they are blundering about in the dark, hoping that you will experiment with what they themselves don't have the balls to try!

Listen to your own mind and read the manual.

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what I have found

by .Martin. In reply to Notebook 1st time battery ...

what I have found, as described in nearly all instruction manuals I have is:

1st charge: Charge it until it is full, don't take it off until it is fully charged or all cells MIGHT (not 100% of the times, but best to be safe) not be activated. Use while charging is OK, it will just take longer to charge.

2nd and onwards charge: as you only get a certain amount of recharge cycles before a battery stops charging to 100%, it is best to wait until the battery is nearly dead, then charge it to full.

also it is recommended that if the battery is not used for 6 months, that you charge it as per first charge

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