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Notebook display of graphics...

By brifd1 ·
My notebook, a Gateway (don't have it with me), does not display most graphics. My son says that it has a built-in (integrated) graphics card, so that I can't change the non-display issue. What do you think???
Windows XP Home, 3.05 Ghz.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Notebook display of graph ...

It has the video card on the motehrboard.

You will need to know the model to discover the details.

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by Craig321 In reply to Notebook display of graph ...

try connecting it to a monitor and see what happens, if you see the same result then you know its a bad card and contact the manufacturer.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Notebook display of graph ...

I would try connecting it to an external monitor just to see if you get the same results and if you do there are 2 options the first is that the Video Drivers have been remover or corrupted and you are running on the Default Windows Drivers or the On Board Video has gone bad.

If it's the first all you need do is to install the correct drivers for the Video and then alter the screen appearance to suit your needs with XP this is all done through the Settings in Display Proprieties.

If the video has gone south for the winter and if it's still Under Guarantee RMA it immediately but first make sure that you have backed up all your data as the first thing that these companies do is to wipe the HDD and then reinstall the OS to see if it them works properly. If it doesn't they then start looking for faulty hardware.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Remember to backup your e-mail as well because this can be very important particularly if someone alters one of your e-mails and forwards it on if you don't have the original you have no defense against any malicious activity.

I should have added this as well if it works properly on an external monitor then the Monitor is in the process of dieing depending on the type TFT or LCD this part may not be covered by the Guarantee and you may be up for the replacement cost. These things cost a small fortune and on every occasion where I've needed to replace one I've found it cheaper to buy a new NB and just load the software onto the new unit.

If you have some technical knowledge you might like to try the Clevo Chassis where you can chose the setup in the form of CPU, HDD size and amount of RAM I use these quite a lot and have never had a problem with one that can be traced back to the product. Of course the users are a different story.


These are simple to put together have high end specs and so far [only 4 years now been very reliable.] I've been replacing a lot of these recently from Business as they have reached the end of their lives from a Tax point of view and are being sold off and replaced by newer versions of the same thing, the clients like them as they have much higher specs than the average mass produced NB that is currently on the market.

You can get your local dealer from the Web Site or by contacting Clevo Directly depending on where it is you live.

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