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By timochanda ·
What is your prodcut view on a refurbished notebook computer with the following specs:
HP Pavilion dv4320us 15.4" Notebook PC (Intel Pentium M Processor 735A (Centrino), 512 MB RAM, 100 GB Hard Drive, LightScribe DVD+/-RW and CD-RW Combo Drive)

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The HP Logo is more than enough for me

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Notebook/Laptop Computer

To avoid it like the plague. I've had a few problems over the years with HP and none of them have had a satisfactory outcome.

Like offering me a replacement Tape Drive that was unable to read the existing tapes for $50.00 more than the Wholesale price of what I could pay for the same thing because they don't repair anything.

Currently I'm selling on E-Bay a Compaq NB Monitor and according to HP the replacement price is $772.00 US but the entire NB only cost $1,100.00 new. Someone is making quite a lot of money out of replacement parts and when I had a New Compaq NB Damaged in the first hour I found it cheaper to buy a new NB and swap the HDD over then I had some spare parts so I could continue fixing it for nothing when it broke again.

I just love the great reviews that HP gets from some customers who rave about how HP came out and replaced a MFD they just unplugged the old one and replaced the entire thing without a second word which is great till I ask them What Do you Think Will Happen When It's No Longer UG? In that case it was the light in the unit that had died and that was because it was running 24/7 and not being shut off so there wasn't a question if it would fail but when it would fail. Well they did get an extended warranty out of HP because they had to replace 2 of these in under 10 months so if things stay the same they will continue getting a new one every 5 months or so and never have to pay for a new again.


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by timochanda In reply to The HP Logo is more than ...

Many thanks HAL 9000 for sharing with me your experience and your thoughts. However I wonder how HP manages to stay a float in business if their products and after sale service support gives one such a bad experience? With the insight you provided, I would wish to trade more carefully!

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Funny, I had problems like that with DELL

by w2ktechman In reply to Thanks!

I agree, some parts like monitor on a notebook do cost a whole lot. I had a similar exp. some years ago with a digital camera. A new one would cost $160 but they wanted $400 + shipping both ways for the replacement program.
Aside from that, on a notebook, get the accidental damage warranty. Notebooks are easy to 'drop' or anything else.
Under the accidental damage, any notebook should be purchase worthy for the next 3 years or so (depending on purchased coverage).
Without it, be careful.

For that particular model, it depends on the price. Hals remarks (and mine above) can be applied to all manufacturers at 1 time or another. I prefer HP myself, for now at least....

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Price indications?

by timochanda In reply to Funny, I had problems lik ...

Hi W2kechman, what price will you recommend for the Notebook given that a new one could cost anything upto USD 1,200?

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Some considerations

by w2ktechman In reply to Price indications?

I have personally used the 'build your notebook' area on several websites and come up with $3000 - $5000 notebooks...lol

I would say, shop around a bit. What are you going to be using it for? Also, what OS are you looking for. Many notebook users want Win MCE or tablet editions.
It only has 512 RAM, which will be fine for basic computing on XP editions, but low for Vista (if you ever plan to go that route). The HDD size is fine, and it looks like it has shared 128 MB video with system RAM, so I would look at something with 1 GB Ram (but it can be upgraded later). Max RAM on this system appears to be 2 GB (not 4 GB). and it looks to be heavy at 6.6 pounds.
Go to www.hp.com and customeize a few notebooks, browse around a bit and find what works best for you. That can give you a baseline for price for what you want, and give you a better idea of features that you want.
Although HP is only offering Vista on home models, you can get some good comparisons and browse through the refurbs (which have XP) for price/feature shopping.

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Very Helpfull

by timochanda In reply to Some considerations

Hi 'techman,
Some very usefull tips right there...I will seek your views incase I need more info. Many thanks!

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