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Notebook Loggon Woes

By mastrangelo_mark ·
I would like to setup a notebook so that whoever logs onto the network, it always logs on localy as the same generic user. Can this be done?

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Notebook Loggon Woes

by Parbo In reply to Notebook Loggon Woes

this can be done yes. You can set the logon information in the registry so it will not prompt for any information but logs on straight into windows.
Auto Logon to a Windows NT Machine (Windows NT/2000)
Windows NT includes a feature that allows you to automatically logon to the machine and network, bypassing the Winlogon dialog box.

To enable this function you need to add several new values to the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] key.

1. Add anew string value named 'DefaultUserName' and set it to the username you wish to automatically logon as.

2. Add a new string value named 'DefaultPassword' and set this to the password for the user entered above.

3. Add a new string value named 'DefaultDomainName' and set this to the domain of the user. Ignore this value if the NT box is not participating in NT Domain security.

4. Add a new string value named 'AutoAdminLogon' and set it to either '1' to enable auto logon or '0' to disable it.

5. For Windows 2000 the additional ForceAutoLogon setting must be enabled to stop the tweak from resetting on reboot.

Exit and restart, Windows should not ask for a password and automatically show the desktop of the user.

Note: The password is stored in registry, which means anyone who has access to the machine has access to the password.

Note: You can bypass this function by holding down the SHIFT key during the boot or logoff process.

It is also important to note that if the DontDisplayLastUserName value is enabled, the auto logon feature does not function.

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