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    Notebook screen used as PC screen?


    by dehrubinsky ·

    How can I use my notebook screen as my PC screen. I need to conect my notebopk (Dell)to my PC so I can use the screen of the first one as screen of the second one (PC). The SO will be in the notebook as one hard drive (80 G), all the personal data will be stored in the PC. If I need to travel with my notebook I need it to just unplug screens and go.Is it possible? Thanks for your help. If you send a copy of your cooperation to my email…. more thanks…

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      Why would you want to do that.

      by jdmercha ·

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      But you could use your laptop to conncet to your desktop via Remote Desktop.

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      Why not remote into it?

      by jmgarvin ·

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      by n8matt ·

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      I heard about a tool to do this and when I realized that I had a few extra laptops that were not being used, I tested it and ended up buying the $40 version. MaxiVista does what it appears you are trying to do – My install looks like this – 17″ CRT on a 5″ riser, desktop platform is 3.2GHz XP Pro w/ all of my network and day to day tools. Laptop is a Dell Cel-900 w/Win2k and 14″ screen layed out fully and standing on the front edge of the laptop – this way the two screens match up almost perfectly for height. MaxiVista lets me either extend my desktop screen to the left (flow stuff onto the laptop screen) or run the laptop using my keyboard/mouse from the desktop. I use the laptop as my demo s/w environment – anything that I don’t totally trust, I’ll install there. That is also my CBT environment for training, etc.
      I have a decent vid card in the desktop which has dual outputs, but I wouldn’t have all the functionality that this design affords me. And the laptop was not being used, anyway.
      I also have a decent wireless environment, so I can take the laptop mobile with me anytime I need my tools, etc and a VNC connection back to my desktop is not reasonable (rare, but it’s an option…) Just for fun, I also have my RedHat Linux based demo messaging-server-to-be tied into the desktop unit with a mini-KVM – a blast to show all the screen permutations… what was that other discussion?… “how much spare time do you have…” hmmmm

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