Notebook upgrading CPU MMX Slot 1

By marcson98 ·
A friend just gave me a TwinHead P90 Notebook. It has a Pentium 300 MMX processor with a front side bus speed of 66MHz. I was wondering what kind of a CPU I might be able to upgrade this to without spending too much money. Also increasing the bus speed to 100MHz would be nice if I could. It uses Slot 1, and the socket designation is IMM (MMC1); I don't know what the socket designation means. Thanks

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450 MHz Maybe

by TheChas In reply to Notebook upgrading CPU MM ...

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on the MMC1 module.

The MMC1 module is about 1/2 of the computer assembly for a laptop. As such, you are changing out may components when you change the MMC1 to change the CPU.

As this is a full module and now very obsolete, you are apt to have a hard time finding one. Plus, they may be in demand and be expensive.

The top end for a Pentium II processor is around 450 MHz.

As to the Front Side Bus speed, that is a function of the specific processor and chip-set on the module. This is what limits your FSB speed.

Another factor is will the system BIOS work with different MMC1 modules? That is going to almost require testing unless someone has a link to manuals and BIOS upgrades for this system.


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400 MHz

by TheChas In reply to 450 MHz Maybe

Finally found the information on the Intel site.

The fastest MMC-1 module is 400 MHz.

400 256K MMC-1 Single MPPM2PDA400A

MPPM2PDA400A is the Intel part number for the module.

Happy hunting.


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by marcson98 In reply to 400 MHz

Youv'e cleared up all my questions regarding the CPU upgrade. If I find a new board great, if not, I won't worry about it.

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