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I know that notepad is a primitive yet still viable and many times necessary utility.

My question is for the XP version of notepad. Why can I not turn on the Status Bar at the bottom of the window? Even though it is listed under the "View" pulldown, it is greyed out, not just on my pc but on all that I have checked.

In my work notepad is often the preferred editor for some files that must remain pure ascii. It is really nice when you know what line and column you are on.

Is there a way (some hack) to restore the option of turning on the status bar?

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Re: Notepad

by christianshiflet In reply to Notepad

Go to format and make sure that word wrap is unchecked. If word wrap is checked, you cannot use the status bar. Hope that helps.

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That's The Answer

by spin2nz In reply to Re: Notepad

That was the answer. Thanks for the reply. I would never have associated the two options like that. And for what it's worth, there is absolutely nothing in the help regarding the status bar.

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"And for what it's worth" IT IS IN HELP ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to That's The Answer

If you open Help and scroll down to the question:

How do I go to a specific line in a Notepad document?

You'll find the content is thus:

You can go to a specific line in a Notepad document even if the document doesn't display line numbers. Lines are counted down the left margin beginning at the top of the document.

Click to open Notepad.

Click the Edit menu, and then click Go To.

In the Line number box, type the line number you want the cursor to jump to, and then click Go To.

The Go To command isn't available when word wrapping is enabled. To turn word wrapping off, click the Format menu, and then click Word Wrap.

It's just a case of how you look.

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Re: Answer

by christianshiflet In reply to That's The Answer

Glad I could help.

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