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By mstaikopoulos ·
I was recently updating some data in my MySQL database. After updating, I restarted the server program, and the computer crashed. It took me to an error screen that read "If this is the first time this has happened restart the PC." (Somethign along the lines of that). So i restarted the PC, but nothing showed up, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I went to move the jumper on the motherboard to 2&3 and then back to 1&2, but it seems my computer has been running on 2&3, so i tried moving it to 1&2 and back. I have now removed the motherboards battery and am currently waiting for an hour so the BIOS can reset. I have tried the integrated graphics card aswell. The computer turns on, but no picture is displayed, and I am now waiting on what will happen in 1 hour from when I removed the battery. Any ideas on how this can be fixed? I just hope the BIOS didnt get deleted...

Motherboard: Abit NF-M2SV

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What in the world made you think it was a BIOS problem...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Nothing showing up

.... when it was the OS that displayed the error?

Now that you've gone and done what you've done, you've probably made the problem worse. Not only will the OS need to recover from the crash, it now has to reinstall all of the drivers because the BIOS was reset.

All I can say is, Good luck! You've got your hands full now!

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I dont think it was the OS that showed the problem...

by mstaikopoulos In reply to What in the world made yo ...

...Because it seemed like the BIOS was the one that displayed the error. And im pretty sure drivers are stored in the hard drive, not the motherboard.

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