Noticed severe decrease in battery life after installing iPod Touch OS 4?

By MUfferman ·
I recently installed the newest iPod Touch operating system upgrade (OS 4). Now, literally overnight, my battery depletes dramatically faster than it used to. Since I'm not an active user, it used to hold a "full" charge most of the day. Now it barely makes it through my work day. And the iPod is relatively new so I doubt it's a bad battery. I've even shut off the "on" settings for most of the features. Anyone else notice this?

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Same here....

by rdy4trvl In reply to Noticed severe decrease i ...

The decrease in life is dramatic....just guessing but about half or less. Very bad, very sad.

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Ditto...also certain apps launch slooooooowly

by robo_dev In reply to Noticed severe decrease i ...

For the life of me I do not understand how Consumer Reports gave the iPhone a good rating for battery life.

Also the annoying thing is that certain apps launch slower, especially the camera in my 3GS. UGH....

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