Notifications failing in Project Server queue

By asaranga ·
Greetings fellow networkers,

My team has a unique issue apparently, because I haven't found this exact issue on any site that I've perused thus far. Hence, I turn to posting a message to see if any of you can assist in my team's endeavor of Email Notifications in Microsoft Project Server 2007 (MSPS07).

Environment: We have a stand-alone server installation of MSPS07. Shared Services is setup for the standard Virtual SMTP Server pointing to our Exchange Server.

Setup: The outgoing e-mail settings are setup with the fully qualified domain and server names. The incoming e-mail settings are enabled, the domain name inserted in the display address field, and the IP address is in place for the Safe E-Mail Servers setting. (We tried both with and without the subnet addition, as per MS TechNet.) Alerts and Reminders is set up as per MS TechNet, as well: the SMTP mail server as the fully qualified server/domain name, the from address has been tried with a non-service account as well as a service account in Active Directory (AD), the company domain has been tried with the full domain name, as well as the web/e-mail domain name.

Issue: All Job Types flow through the server queue with no problem except for Notifications. They deliver a Job State of Failed But Not Blocking Correlation. The specific error has been uploaded to this message at this URL:

Please advise us on any route which may help to resolve this issue.

Thank you very much...

Alan S.

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what did Microsoft say on their community boards?

by CG IT In reply to Notifications failing in ...

Microsoft has community boards where actual Microsoft software people respond to questions. Yours would be a good candidate for their community boards. MS would probably like the file to examine.

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MS community boards

by asaranga In reply to what did Microsoft say on ...

Thank You, I will try that

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by shasca In reply to Notifications failing in ...

Whenever I setup any kind of forwarding, and it asks for an SMTP server I use the IP address. The error indicates that is where the issue is. If I'm reading it right.

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by asaranga In reply to SMTP

I do aswell & Thank you, we tried that

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by shasca In reply to SMTP

Do this from the project server.
start \run \cmd

tracert (the full name of SMTP server)

then hit enter and see if there is an error tracing the path from server to server.

Somewhere along the way the project server can't communicating with Exchange.

Double,triple check the SMTP server name in Exchange, and the entry in Project.

Let us know.

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by asaranga In reply to troubleshooting

tracert from the project server to exchange completed I am getting:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms EXCHANGEBOX [XX.X.X.XX]

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One step outta way

by shasca In reply to tracert

They can see each other on the network. That points to a configuration error in your SMTP setup. Here's another article on setting up project alerts. Might be time to go back through notification setup from the start step by step.

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by asaranga In reply to One step outta way

I really appreciate your time on this

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Other Responses Welcome

by asaranga In reply to THANK YOU

Need more help on this on !?!?!

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change the port from 80 to 25

by dragosnc In reply to Notifications failing in ...

it seems you're sending smtp messages on port 80. you need to change it to port 25.

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