Notify on server reboot

By sleach ·
I would like to know if anyone has a solution on how to be notified via email when my Windows 2003 server reboots? Our practice management system has a process (not a service) that needs to be manually restarted every time the server reboots. The problem is that without checking it every day, I don't know. Is this possible? Either with some scripting or a third party application? Thanks!!!

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Notify on server reboot

by mark.wilson In reply to Notify on server reboot

Yes visit our monitoring solution within the Kaseya application can give instant email notification when your server reboots.

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Server Reboot notification

by dhw In reply to Notify on server reboot

Try setting an alert in the Performance Counters and alerts when the System Time is Under 100 seconds (or similar - find what works for you) and configure it to alert you via email.
I think that if you set it as OVER a certain limit things might go screwy.
Its the easiest way I can think of


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Win2003 reboot

by kanthanbabu In reply to Notify on server reboot

i think cannot atleast we need some ups managemnt software ( APC)

Through ups management software we can create failure and restart email notification

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Monitoring tool

by Jim_MacLachlan In reply to Win2003 reboot

Try this site. They have a free version that might work for you.

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by Aakash Shah In reply to Notify on server reboot

You can use SendEmail, a free SMTP command line utilty that you can set up as a scheduled task to run upon startup (not logon, otherwise someone will have to log on to trigger this). We have an Exchange server onsite, so we simply defined the server we wanted to monitor as a relay which allowed the monitored server to send emails very easily to our IT folks.

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by rkuhn In reply to Notify on server reboot

Is cheaper than some of the other suggestions here and works great.

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An easy solution

by jdclyde In reply to Notify on server reboot

Have a schedule email go out every 2 hours, as that is about how long the system will be up before it needs a reboot, for various reasons.

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Email on Reboot win2k3

by prabu.r In reply to An easy solution

Hi ,

See if this helps.

I understood tht u need to manually start a process after the server is restarted.

You can set the process to automatically initiated whenever the server is restarted . Will this solve ur issue ,let me know .

if you require the detailed steps for process automation ,pls let me know prabu.r<at>gmail<dot>com

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Cheap Shot

by rkuhn In reply to An easy solution
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NOT cheap

by jdclyde In reply to Cheap Shot

just real inexpensive.....

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