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Novell 6 and Windows Xp - SLOW

By rdent ·
We have a network of Novell 6.0 file servers with the latest patches applied. We are using MS XP and MS 98 on this switched to the desktop LAN. The XP computers are very much slower loging into the server. They are also slower processing applications from the server. This are brand new machines. Any ideas how to tweak this problem??? Thank you!

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by pierrejamme In reply to Novell 6 and Windows Xp - ...

You didn't mention Service Pack Level and which client used.
The client is the main issue here. M$ doesn't want anyone using Netware so have made it difficult. The latest 4.9 seems to have a few problems. If you use the 4.83SP2 client with the "E" patch you should have no problem. Until I applied SP2 and Patch "D" we couldn't even Browse the servers NW6SP3.
Server wise NSS might be an issue, you need the post SP3 patch if you have SP3 and you might also want to search Novell for Op-Lock.
good Luck,

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by bshay In reply to Novell 6 and Windows Xp - ...

Another alternative is to not use the NW client at all and just utilize native file access. Unless there's a compelling need for the "fat" client, like administrative tools, this is a clean way to go.

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by Krunch In reply to Novell 6 and Windows Xp - ...

I had a similar problem with a few computers. I had to change the Protocol Preference from IP to IPX and to do that I went to Network Neighborhood properties, then Novell Client for Windows 2000 Properties then over to the Protocol Preferences Tab and then changed from IP to IPX preferred and it seemed much quicker on these particular p.c.'s. I'm also running the latest Novell Client, Windows Updates, etc.

Sometimes changing the Link Speed and Duplex from the NIC properties from Auto detect to 100Mbps/Full duplex or Half duplex, etc. may be the answer too.



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by Pipe Guy In reply to Novell 6 and Windows Xp - ...

Three possible solutions to try.
1) Use the Novell client. Don't go with the microsoft solution for a client. Does the Log-in Script run on both 98 and xp machines? And do you get similar results? Are the login's from a cold boot or from runnin the login.exe (right mouse on the Red N) Doesn't really matter that much but it gives an idea when and where the trouble occurs.
2) Hardware issues may exist even with New computers. Are there any network cabling issues and what are the NICS in the XP machines... compared to the 98 ones? I've had trouble with some integrated nics but usually get a faster login even with older 3com or intel chipsets.
3) The settings on the client should either include the "tree and context" or the server name. But not both. I don't know why (probably dns settings and domain routing issues) but I find with my own servers that if I put the server name or the IP address for the server I get a much faster login than when I put the tree, context and server name.

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by Choppit In reply to Novell 6 and Windows Xp - ...

Change the provider order under Advanced Network Settings to place the MS client at the top of the list.

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by Choppit In reply to

2) Remove NICI support

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by IT Toast In reply to Novell 6 and Windows Xp - ...

We had similar problems with the new XP SP2 boxes, as well as slow running legacy apps.
Upgrade server to NW6 SP5 level.
Make sure oplocks are off in Autoexec.ncf
Remove IPX from workstations.
We use Novell Client 4.90 sp2 with default config.
It worked for us, hope it does for you too.

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