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Novell and Microsoft, Good deal or bad ?

By ProfTheory ·
Check out the webcast:
Microsoft also has a link but didn't reveal as much.

The recently announced deal between these two companies caught my attention since Linux and Microsoft where mentioned in the same sentence.

Here is what I got out of it: Microsoft "promises" not to sue Novell/SuSe Enterprise Linux users and Novell/SuSe agrees not to counter sue.

Why did Microsoft make this deal only with Novell?

Does this means that all other Linux users may be in the cross-hairs of MS lawyers?

If you are a CTO/CIO, are you now going to switch to/from SuSe? If so Why or why not? (This not a 5,000 word essay question you will not be graded).

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The end of polarization?

by s.newton In reply to Novell and Microsoft, Goo ...

Hopefully this event will contribute to end the destructive and futile flame wars on OS platforms. There are pros and cons on both sides of the OS/MS coin and I have seen decisions made on OS platforms based on techies preference and the business needs have been overlooked?.

I have worked in a shop that was very strong Novel based despite having all its corporate apps MS based. The IT staffs unwillingness to deal with the MS platforms (because they just sucked) caused be much heartache. At the time I wished the blooming things would run on SuSe, or that I could sack the one-eyed Linux geeks.

Interoperability has always been a bugbear for Linux.. even in its own stack. Most big corporates need that interoperability without kludges and dodgy data hacks. This has been and will continue to be my test for choosing a OS platform?. What systems does my business need, what platform does my systems support? all within the constraints of budget (thank god for business cases ;-)

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The end is still a ways off.

by ProfTheory In reply to The end of polarization?

Most of what I've read about the deal indicates that MS will NOT be helping with the interoperability issue. I believe the position of MS in regards to OSS hasn't budged one angstrom, They are still very much opposed to it.

As for techie bias, it does exist and in an ideal world it would be set aside for the sake of the business plan. If I worked in a SuSe EL shop I would deal with it. If Linux didn't already exist I would voice my preference and why and go with what ever was decided on.

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