Novell and XP password bypass

By chrisfreestyle ·
I have a similar challenge. My friends sis gave him a Dell laptop she got from her boyfriend. Now, when you try to log on a Novell Client appears and if you close that the windows XP logon will appear. He has none of these passwords so basically the whole system is useless. I think all he needs is to get a Windows XP boot disk and just reinstall everything. He tried to go through safe mode but it still asked him for a password

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by w2ktechman In reply to Novell and XP password by ...

rebuilding is the best thing to do. I would obtain a drive scrubber first though, to make sure that nothing was left on the drive

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Uhm where did the laptop come from... REALLY....?

by mdavis In reply to Novell and XP password by ...

Lets see, Laptop chain of custody = Boyfriend>Sister>Brother?

This is OBVIOUSLY a corporate owned laptop... I would encourage your "friend" to go to the boyfriend and question where it came from.
If it is, how can I put this delicately? stolen? Then it is has more than likely been reported as such by the company (or it WILL be the next time it is not present and accounted for in an audit). Being reported = the serial number being entered into your states Criminal Information Center database, which may or may not be linked into the Federal Crime Information Center's database as well.

If the boyfriend got this from a legitimate source and was the actual OWNER of the laptop (meaning he has the right ot give it away) then he SHOULD know the password to get into the system.

Anyone here posting anything other than what I have said is being irresponsible in telling you how to bypass security measures.

And yes I work for a Law Enforcement agency.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Uhm where did the laptop ...

I am sorry if I do not view everyone as a criminal. I have forgotten passwords, even for things that I legitamately own as well. So, in your mind I am a criminal as well?

If you read my post, I stated to rebuild. This would at minimum, require the original image disks, or a copy of them from the manufacturer, or that they purchase an OS for it.
If they install Windows Xp on it, it will need activation, and the serial # is recorded. So how is this bad advice? I didnt send them to a hacker site, nor give them hacking tools, nor any other means to break the law. But, I also didnt accuse them of criminal behaviour without the facts.

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Yes, irresponisible...

by mdavis In reply to irresponsible?

And YES I did read your post. Did you read the original? I never accused anyone of criminal behavior rather asked a very poignant question as to the origins of the laptop. As to a re-image... I suppose you believe that it is not possible to get a pirated copy of an operating system? Linux distributions are all free... how is this ensuring that the person is the legal owner of the hardware? It is irrellevant. As to forgetting a password? Well that is why (or at least one of the many reaons why) there are administrators on corporate networks.

I do not, as you suggest, view everyone as a criminal, nor did I accuse ANYONE of criminal behavior, I simply evaluated the facts that are presented and formed an opinion based upon what I was presented with. In your mind, the situation as it was presented sounds 100% above board and legit to you?

I presented the one way that would legally allow the password to be reset/cleared...

If you disagree then we will just have to agree to disagree.

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To the Point

by DNME In reply to Yes, irresponisible...

As I was reading the question (what is the real question?) I have to admit that my first thought was that this is a stolen piece of equipment - yes stolen, but like you, I may be wrong for which I apologise if that is the case.
The easiest solution to questions like this is... If the password is forgotten and the item is not stolen then ask the donor to bring it back to work and have the password reset, simple.
Maybe next time, without making judgement we can all give that simple bit of advice.

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So, I am supposed to

by w2ktechman In reply to Yes, irresponisible...

be judge and jury now, because I commented on a post?

Irresponsible would have been to send this person to a site to break the PW or reset it.
I did not.
If they obtain Pirated SW, then how is that my problem? If they install and use Linux, resetting the PW would not be an issue, so your thinking is off.
I try to be responsible when I can, but I am not a TR cop either.
If this person is doing something wrong, I did not send them to a place to break more laws, nor suggest anything illegal. So stating that I am irresponsible about it is Lame.
You seem to have much more a legal mind than most here, so we do think differently. I am not putting down your suggestion in any way.
I will agree with your last line, that we disagree on this issue.

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Judge and Jury

by DNME In reply to So, I am supposed to

No, you are not supposed to be judge and jury and I was not suggesting that either.
I was suggesting that that if we ever come across a question like the one above then to just advise the person to bring it back to 'place of origin' for a password reset. Again a simple solution to a simple question.

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Not from the real world are you?

by computerccu In reply to Uhm where did the laptop ...

I work for many small business. Half the time they don't even know there login name much less a password. They set the pc down for 3 weeks and forget what name they used. I agree, trace the source, if the owner is legit they can get rebuild disks. Point is most of my customers can't remember their server password, their e-mail password, and seldom protect their ADMINISTRATOR login on the safe mode login of XP. Just safemode boot and don't put in a password.

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