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Novell Backbone in MS World

By buffalobite2 ·
My team is attempting to incorporate A Novell 5.1 backbone into our Win 2k server array. I am not even sure where to begin. I am assuming that the ADS and NDS will not work coheseively together, and i want to join the MS servers into the Novell tree. However, i am also running exchange 2000 on one box and i read that it needed to be run on a Domain Controller.

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Novell has the tools.

by rjjodoi In reply to Novell Backbone in MS Wor ...

ADS and NDS can work coheseively but you have to use Novell products. eDirectory and Account Management 2.1 will allow you to intergrate both directories and use one interface to manage both networks. I'm working on something similar in that I'm migrating my NetWare 4.x servers to W2K and will be using eDirectory and Account Management 2.1. We've been using Zenworks for desktops v2 to help manage our workstation (70%-98/35%NT/5%W2K Pro) with a large degree of success. This is one of the reasonswe are not going away from Novell products all together. We will also be upgrading to Zenworks for Desktops v3.2.

We're just in the beginning phase of this project so can't give you much additional information. Also check DIRXML and Novell's One Net Strategy.

Good Luck


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Exchange 2000

by Russell Cohen In reply to Novell Backbone in MS Wor ...

Just one point that Robin didn't cover. Exchange 2000 doesn't need to run on a Domain Controller, and I don't think Microsoft would recommend that configuration. Exchange 2000 is, however, tightly integrated with Active Directory (AD); your AD Global Catalogue actually becomes your Exchange Global Address List (GAL).

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