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I am working at a client site where they have a sudden emergency with some old DOS computers connected to a Novell network that gateways (through an NT server) to their Windows domain.

The PCs are glorified data entry and tank storage readers that use Novell to pass data up to the server for reporting and consolidation.

After replacing the battery on the motherboard, it no boots and says it cannot log in because there is no domain to authenticate against. It is on a 10base2 network that includes another staion just like it downstream. It has connectivity, but has some how become confused.

I tried picking and poking at DOS level Novell commands but it didn't help much. I did remove and replace the battery on the mother board (and reseated teh cards, memory and processor) to get it to come back to life - and that did change some BIOS settings - however, the card is recognized, the networking software (Novell) starts, but it errors out that it cannot connect because it cannot authenticate on the domain.

I'm baffled and the system is no longer supported by the vendor. Is there a source for Novell Basics online somewhere that would give me a crash course in Novell network and DOS level commands so I can attempt to help them out of a jam?


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