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    Novell Chris Stone Fired!


    by pgm554 ·

    I see where Chris Stone got his walking papers from Jack Messman.
    This is the guy that basically pushed Novell to go open source.
    Ah,office politics.

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      microsoft BS

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Novell Chris Stone Fired!

      Microsoft just made a whole slew of claims about open source and Novell’s future, about as accurate as the mud slinging during the election campaigns!

      If you are interested I will post Novell’s corrections to the slag from Microsoft, which they as always only show a SMALL part of the real story.

      personally, I think since Novel went Linux, it is the best NOS AND desktop around, not that it ever wasn’t. Novell’s new lineup for 2005 is STUNNING!!

      they will always be the best, no matter how many games MS sells.

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