Novell Client locking up after login

By cjones ·
My network has been fine - no issues - can't pin point what was done for this to happen - but when my users login to their workstations with the Novell 4.** SP2 client (workstations are WIN2000) it appears their workstation is locked up. The Novell server in seeing them as being logged in. I power off the machine again and again. I've found that if I delete their connection from the server - I can get them in - it seems like there is somekind of process running in the background that is locking the machine up. The most recent install on the server was updating GroupWise 7.0 with the 7.03 patch. Could this cause the issue I'm having. I have since updated all PC's to SP5 client but it is still happening. Anyone ever hear of this.

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