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Novell Emergency

By redeye562 ·
Hi. Need big help real fast. Due to accident the network supervisor at work is off job for several weeks at least. I need to know how to add a new computer(work station) to an existing Novell network. I found a note which says "download shells from Novell; install; reboot' follow directions". I don't even know where to look for the "shells" Does that mean to dwnload the whole Novell Clientware product. Or is there a specific place to find the "shells" at Novell.

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More info

by Andrew06 In reply to Novell Emergency

Can you please give a little more info on the version or make of the software. I can help you, but I need to know the version.

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Novell Version

by redeye562 In reply to More info

The Version # is 4.**. Netware Client.
Thanks for the help.

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by jerome.koch In reply to Novell Emergency

1)You need to install the Novell Client that your admin certifies for your network. He should have placed it in a public folder with instructons on what components will be installed (NDPS,IP,IPX protocls,NMAS, etc...)

2)There should also be documentation on configurations of advanced settings (file caching, Name Resoultion time out, SLP, SLP DA, etc...)

3)Finally, you need to install the Zenworks management agents (seperate install). There should be documentation on this as well. Of course, I'm assuming you are using Zenworks. After installation reboot, and go do a DOS screen and enter the command:zwsreg -unreg, and repeat the command but use the -importserver (IP Address) switch (ie zwsreg -importserver The workstation will then be imported into Novell's Edir.

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Thank you SO much

by redeye562 In reply to Netware,Zenworks,Edir

Thanks for all the info - you and the others who have replied have really really helped me out. Things were getting kind of hairy - you have no idea how much I appreciate this. Thanks again.

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