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NOVELL GroupWise, SMTP Priority how?

By lageroni ·
Hi; This is Louis, a first time poster...

I am the Mainframe Systems programmer who is
sending a SMTP email to GWIA->GroupWise (Our Helpdesk).

The Boss wants the "important" messages to come out with high priority...

I don't know how... Can someone help?

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by Oz_Media In reply to NOVELL GroupWise, SMTP Pr ...

If these messages are coming from OUTSIDE your organization, it is up to the user to send it as high priority. As far as GW goes, there is nothing at the MTA or PO that I know of to help.

If the message is INTERNAL, just send them as High Priority.

To change the priority of items you send

1 To change the priority of one item, open an item view > click File > Properties.

To change the priority of all items you send, click Tools > Options > double-click Send.

2 In the Priority group box, select High, Standard, or Low.

The small icon next to an item in the Mailbox is red when the priority is high, white when the priority is standard, and gray when the priority is low.

3 Click OK.

Copyright ? Novell, Inc. 2001. All Rights Reserved.

Now create a filtering Rule on th eother end for High priority mail using the basic GroupWise Rule Filtering.

I don't know if this is what you're trying to achieve, if not maybe you could provide a different explanation of your goal.


P.S. Welcome to Tech Republic, I hope you find some useful info and discussions here.

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by lageroni In reply to NOVELL GroupWise, SMTP Pr ...

To explain further. I am sitting on a Mainframe.
I send the SMTP mail from it to The network "mailsweeper" who Checks it for viruses, swear words, and all sorts of things. If it passes that goes to GWIA server and then to a GroupWise Mail Server.

I found the X-Priority tag in some literature and was hoping to (slam-dunk) this problem by adding the tag to my SMTP body.

My research sofar and the first answer indicates that this may not be possible.

If I send a High Priority message from my GroupWise, I get the 2 lines...
** Proprietary **
** High Priority **
added to the body.

(I ofcourse sent this message back to GroupWise crossing my fingers... nogo)

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by lageroni In reply to NOVELL GroupWise, SMTP Pr ...

Point value changed by question poster. I am looking for an answer that will allow me to set the priority externaly. (inside a RFC1521 Message body) If this indeed cannot be done, I will give out points in some "fair" manner.

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by mvegas In reply to NOVELL GroupWise, SMTP Pr ...

Not sure if this will help. I'm an eBusiness Admin for our company and we use group wise. I developed forms on our network using smtp. We send them to our directors using CDONTS and CDONTS has a priority tag in it. 0 = low, 1 = medium, and 2 = high. When we set it to high, the emails are received in Groupwise with high priority (you see the little red envelope). How are you sending the smtp? Could you use CDONTS? I think ASPMail also has a priority property.

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