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Novell Netware Client

By emoi3 ·
We had a XP workstation configured with Microsoft Client Service for Netware to login to our Novell File server. We had placed a line of script to update the McAfee virus dat file once the client login however this did not turn out successful. It does not seem to execute that line of script.
We tried installed using Novell Netware Client instead and it works!! Does anyone face similiar problem like this?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Novell Netware Client

well, not lately. but about 5 years ago i dealt with netware and was common to have situation where ms client didn't work and nw client did...nice work.

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by BudTheGrey In reply to Novell Netware Client

This is actually pretty common. The MS client for netware has, at best, a poor understanding of NDS/eDir. Actually, it has a poor unserstadning of bindery (Netware 3.x) as well; some would say it was intentionally crippled, but that's hard to prove. There are many things that don't work properly until the NetWare client is installed.

For the record, when you install the NetWare client, be sure to choose "custom install". This will allow you to specify the protocol you want to use to connect to the server (IP or IPX). Choose only one. If you allow it to install both, performance is degraded as the client constantly tries to find the server where there isn't one.

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by pgm554 In reply to Novell Netware Client

You got that right,so many sysadmins think that if it's an M$ built in product ,that it should work as advertised.


It only works IPX,it does not understand NDS,and as for SLP...

In XP ,they did actually ship a version of Novell's client.But they did not ship the full version due to "size constraints" on the CD-ROM.

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by md.harrison In reply to Novell Netware Client

There are numerous issues with the native Microsoft Client for NetWare. The most basic is that it only supports IPX connections. It has difficulty with eDirectory and Bindery authentication and often mis interprets the file system i.e. NetWare or NSS.
The latest NW client has some issues with pure bindery also. Ideally I would try to script the client install to ensure that you only get the components you require. A custom install will still install some baggage that you might not want like NetIdentity and NMAS components. I recommend you have a look at a site called that has some solid recommendations for client configuration and performance.

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