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novell vibe with zimbra mail server

By d_wathi ·
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We are looking for an web based application and found novell vibe will suit our requirement but few doubts, listed below

1. Presently we have suse enterprise linux with ldap for user authentication (samba domain controller with ldap backend) i could see their is a provision to use the existing ldap user account to the novell vibe server, but my problem is we have around 200 users in ldap accounts but i would like to procure vibe licence only for 40 management users, if used ldap accounts can still limit with 40 users for vibe. can this be possibe.

2. Is it posssible to integrate novell vibe with zimbra mail server (for example file , milestone, discussion or folder created in vibe server and mail is sent out to the users/team but in our case we are using zimbra mail server, user receiving the mail and if replied this from zimbra webmail or msoutook the same should be updated in the vibe server also, please let me know is this possible.

also can anybody tell me how is this product.
please help .


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Repost as 'Q&A'

by CharlieSpencer In reply to novell vibe with zimbra m ...

Try reposting this in the 'Q&A' forum. The 'Discussion' forum is for matters of general discussion, not specific problems in search of a solution. The 'Water Cooler' is for non-technical discussions. You can submit a question to 'Q&A' here:;content

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yes you can do this

by jmmarton In reply to novell vibe with zimbra m ...

For #1, you don't have to provision all those LDAP users as Vibe users. For instance, if the 40 users you want to add are all in one particular OU then only configure that OU in the LDAP settings within the Vibe admin console. I'm also checking to see if you sync over all 200 users and then manually delete the extra 160 from Vibe that they don't sync back. That's another option.

For #2, Vibe has "loose" integrations using Internet standards for non-GroupWise collaboration systems using SMTP, iCal, etc. If you're using Zimbra you can still have Vibe send out notifications to Zimbra users via SMTP. Zimbra users can also send mail to any e-mail enabled Vibe folder to automatically create entries in Vibe.

As a side note, not that I'm trying to steer you away from Zimbra, but if your Vibe users are heavy Vibe users you may want to look into GroupWise. There are very tight integrations between GroupWise and Vibe, and with each new version of each product those integrations improve further. From your first question it appears you're running SLES, and GroupWise can run just fine on SLES. I'm not sure if your LDAP source is OpenLDAP, eDirectory, or something else but in the case of GroupWise you'd simply use eDirectory which can also be your LDAP source for Vibe. Granted, your users would need to learn a new client as they would start using the GroupWise client instead of Outlook but now they'd have the advantage of seeing all their Vibe folders and workspaces right in their mail client, dragging files into those folders in the mail client to automatically add those files to Vibe, have the ability to search for content in both their e-mail and Vibe in a single search dialog, etc. It may be worth considering. If you'd like more info on this feel free to send me an e-mail at jmarton at novell dot com.

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LDAP followup

by jmmarton In reply to novell vibe with zimbra m ...

After doing some digging, what I've found is that if you remove users they'll just come back during LDAP sync. You could actually sync all users if you wanted as they don't use a Vibe license until they log into Vibe. However, if you don't want to rely on that method, the best bet is to have all users in the some container within your LDAP source and only sync that container. (Or have them in a couple of containers and sync those multiple containers--just make sure all containers configured to sync have users who you want to have Vibe access.)

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in such case do we lose the data

by d_wathi In reply to novell vibe with zimbra m ...

Thanks Mr.Jmmarton.
Due to the immediate requirement as of now done with sync of all users that is total 200 users are populated to the vibe server from this management group of users 40 users have already started using the vibe application like files , discussion , mile stone etc, But I really do not want to rely on this method hence would like to to have all users in some container within LDAP source and only sync that container.
My doubt :
since the all users 200 users have been already synced to the application server and now going back to the ldap config section in the application server and modify the config to sync only one particular container where the management users (40 users) alone are members, by doing this will the existing data what ever been done in the vibe application server by the same 40 management server will it be lost, iam afraid. Please suggest me how to handle this situation. Thanks in adavance awaiting for your valuable reply.

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No you don't lose data.

by jmmarton In reply to in such case do we lose t ...

You may not necessarily lose data. Let's say for example you initially configured the base LDAP dn within Vibe as o=da and that O plus all OUs underneath it had 200 users. Further, let's say the 40 people actually using Vibe are in ou=newyork,o=da. If you reconfigure the base dn to just ou=newyork,o=da and you choose the options "Delete Users That are not in LDAP" and "When Deleting Users, Delete Associated User Workspaces and Content" then the extra 160 users will be deleted along with their workspaces and content. However, the 40 who already exist in ou=newyork,o=da will remain. None of their content will be deleted.

In this example the only data that will deleted is the data in the other containers. However, if in your case the 40 users who actively use Vibe are actually spread across various containers, then yes everyone that exists outside of the base dn's you configure within Vibe (yes you can specify more than one) would be deleted. What you want to do is move your users first so they are all within a specific container, then make the base dn change within Vibe. Since the GUID remains the same there shouldn't be any issues.

Of course you'll want to try this in a test environment first.

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