Novice-- help blocking online gaming

By neechelle ·
I'm a novice, no doubt. I have a problem with a family member who is addicted to online gaming and chat. I've heard talk of blocking TCP ports to disable the game. What does this mean and how do i accomplish it? The computer is Windows XP and using a direct connection to a cable modem.

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a few software options...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Novice-- help blocking on ...

A well-known tool is CyberPatrol. It is meant mainly to stop children from accessing unsuitable material on the web. but will work just as well on adults its really easy to install.

The ultimate option is GamBlock. BUT... be warned... it is designed to be UN-removable during the licensing period. Even the company will not help you remove it. They do this in order to gain endorsement by various gambler help organizations. Unless you are seriously looking for a permanent solution, I cannot recommend you go this way.

I hope this helps.

Unfortunately, any software program and any setting to block ports or URL addresses can ultimately be circumvented. Therefore, the best thing to do is to remove the access to the problem all together by taking away the computer with internet access.

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hmm :)

by chris_atb In reply to Novice-- help blocking on ...

^^ go into your firewall, rather on the machine or on the router your using (if your using a rounter) and simply BLOCK the ports the games and chat clients use, windows firewall makes this very easy to rain on someones parade ^^ ill need a little more info on your equipment to help you in depth

simply put if you think of ports as roads the gaming programs and chat clients use to relay information, if you block the port, you block the road ^^

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