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How can I find out who my Microsoft Account Manager is? My dilema is Network licensing (or is it Enterprise licensing?). I don't know how many our corporation has purchased or been alloted. Continuity here is weak to say the least. I am finding workstations being used by personnel in my area of responsibility that are not joined to any domain or in any OU. they came from another department who is apart of my corporation but have their own IT Staff The workstations are just ran to a port in the switch or wall. I have to remove these workstations immediately because they are not in compliance with any network policies and the user's were left with the admin password. It's not the user's fault they didn't know any better so I don't want to leave them without a machine for work. I thought it would be as simple as imaging the box staging a new name and joining it to the domain but, a senior co-worker told me that was not possible because we don't have a license for it. He could not tell me how many licenses we have though when I asked. Looking for guidance or solution. I will continue to research in the meantime. I am new to IT so please forgive if I did not explain myself clearly. I will expound if needed. I look forward to learning and sharing. Thank you.

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It sounds like you are short of CAL's

by tintoman In reply to Novice Networking Questio ...

or client access licenses
This would be the only reason I can think of why you might not be able to join the clients to your domain, unless of course they are running windows home edition or something!
I'm not an expert on windows server but I reckon someone here will tell how to tell how many CAL's your server has

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Thanks T! One more round for the cannon

by Str8thru In reply to It sounds like you are sh ...

I hope so. When I read your post it rung a bell. Earlier,I compiled a list of questions to as my department's higher but, I think yours is a winner. First, I will ask how many CAL's do we have and bounce it off how many machines are in my OU. I will let you know how this plays out. Thanks again.

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by shasca In reply to Thanks T! One more round ...

Remember the same goes for all the Software installs too. Check check check for software licensing compliance.

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Depending on your Company

by IC-IT In reply to Thanks T! One more round ...

An administrator at the central location or whomever is in charge of IT for the company, should know the licensing agreement.
You may have a volume license that covers the entire Site or a limited amount.
If you have systems running illegal copies, the company could face some huge fines.
Usually licensing is not by OU.

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