NOVICE question for Greg Schulz about Use Win. 7 System Image Recovery

By Marcelde ·
I read, with interest, your article: Use Windows 7 System Image Recovery to restore a hard disk

I need to use a "work-around" to by pass Caldera even though Caldera still did not lead me to Win 7 OS!


I'm not sure if I have System Image Recovery DVDs so you may suggest I make some, BUT, my lack of technical knowledge suggests that if I "copy" all my present settings, with their attendant OS Boot problems, would I really be able to solve this &/or future problems?

I ran many hardware tests and all showed "No Problem".

BTW: Pressing Esc. is the first step in my novice "work around".

I'm almost 77 years OLD and most technical terms go over my head.


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To backup a bit here....

by robo_dev In reply to NOVICE question for Greg ...

This is a forum for IT people, and I am fairly certain that those who work for ZD are not even allowed to participate, so I would really doubt that Greg Schulz would reply to this.

Your best bet here is to start a new post describing exactly what the issue or problem is, and let some of the folks here try to offer some help.

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Just stumbled upon this...

...question. ;-)

Am I understanding that you have a dual boot system that used to allo you to boot either Caldera Linux and Windows 7? And now, it only boots to Caldera?

In anycase, if your problem is that you can not boot up your system into Windows 7, making image recovery disks after the fact will not help...

Who set up your dual boot system for you? That is the person that you need to be asking for help. There should be a Linux way to fix/restore the dual boot configuration.

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Stop Win Explorer from displaying large icons

by lachandler2000 In reply to NOVICE question for Greg ...

When I access a CD/DVD windows ALWAYS wants to search the files and display the large icons view. How can I tweak windoes to only display details?

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Rather than "hijack" another, unrelated thread, you would be more likely to get an answer if you posted as a new question.
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