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    Novice to Linux


    by mutantx_fola ·

    Am very interested in learning Linux but I don’t know where to start. And which type of linux to install as a beginner.


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      start here

      by apotheon ·

      In reply to Novice to Linux

      You should start by joining a LUG (Linux User Group). LUGs are an incredibly helpful resource, generally full of friendly, helpful people. You can get more in-depth explanations of the pros and cons of many Linux distributions, and help getting them to work for you, in a LUG mailing list. You can also generally get hands-on help if you attend local LUG meetings. You can probably find a local LUG group at if you’re interested.

      As for a Linux version to recommend:
      I’d say your best bets would be MEPIS and SuSE. MEPIS, in fact, is the subject of a new book by Robin Miller titled _Point_&_Click_Linux_. It’s about the easiest operating system to make full use of on the planet, and it is based on the core Debian distribution (Debian is my favorite, but not usually something to recommend to a rank amateur unless you’re willing to spend hours hovering over the newbie’s shoulder giving advice and the like).

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        Start Here -> look

        by judge440 ·

        In reply to start here

        I agree that you should join a Linux Users Group. They are a valuable resource for the newbie and the experienced user alike. Some of the groups can be a little intimidating, so I will direct you to a wonderful online LUG that has been the most helpful resource I have ever found. The users are polite, helpful, and refrain from snide comments about your skill level. Please see

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      There are a couple of possible answers here

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Novice to Linux

      They all depend on just what type of Hardware you will be using and what you are most used to. For the Hard Core XP user I tend to recommend Lycoris Desktop LX which is a light weight Linux but offers a lot of Windows Like Features so you do not get overwhelmed.

      There are quite a few Live Linux versions available all of which boot from the CD and run without the need for a HDD to store the OS on they all are good to at least teat the hardware with if nothing else and if you like them they can be loaded.

      Knoppix seems to be the most attractive to many people and it’s a breeze to install for a newbie as there is very little that isn’t supported and if you are on a network Samba will be setup for you taking a lot of the pain out of a first time installation.

      There are also Morphix, Mandrake Live, Warty Warthog which are the more common ones buy at first I’d try the Knoppix and then if the hardware runs it without problems you can install it to the Hard Drive and PLAY AWAY.


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        Reply To: Novice to Linux

        by shiner840 ·

        In reply to There are a couple of possible answers here


        I’d certainly go along with the last two comments, Linux can be tricky at times, especially to the novice user… to get a taste, I’d recommend trying one of the Live Linux versions from CD as HAL 9000 said earlier I’ve tried Knoppix (downloadable from the net) certainly is quite good for dipping your toes, if all your looking for is a replacement for Windows, then I’d go with something like Xandros, a bit funny at times (based on Debian distro) but has a few tweaks and can easily be broken if your not carefull, or something like Linspire. If your going for it big time and have the time to delve into things then debian is one of the most popular and advocates the true free open source principle, SuSE is good as is RedHat, it really is a matter of finding your perfect partner, there’s quite a few to choose from !

        There are plenty of people out there usually willing to part with slightly older copies of linux distro’s for you to try.

        If you can’t live without windows apps, then using “wine” to run these apps is a good option, but takes some configuration, and it’s free to download, other commercial software is available to run windows apps aswell like, crossover office, vmware, Lin4Win etc.

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      Hi I new to Linux as well

      by terryh ·

      In reply to Novice to Linux

      What I have learned so far (playing about 1 month now)
      Every distro is different, got hooked when I downloaded Knoppix what a great toy.

      I have downloaded about 10 distros and find each one has different part of what I am looking for. 100 % support for hardware developed for the Windows World is not there. No surprize but most things work well enough to keep me searching.

      The more you play the more you learn.

      Have had my best results with SuSe and Mandrake.

      Fedora is also very good but I cannot get it to read my NTFS Drives

      Nothing picks up my USB keys out of the blocks but some Wiki searches and configuration and they again work sort of.

      Keep Going it is worht it


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