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Novice Web Developer Question

By mtt1724 ·
Hi, I'm a businessman with very little knowledge of technology. Basically, I wanted to find out what exactly it would take for me to create a web site. Since this website will be very complex (i'm assuming), I need to know where to start or who to talk to.

Without getting into too much detail, my site will basically be like facebook or myspace, but with a detailed search function. What does it take to get something like that going?

Thanks is advance.

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A lot of money

by cmiller5400 In reply to Novice Web Developer Ques ...

And time. What is your budget? What is your time line? Are you going to be doing any of the work or are you going to outsource the whole project?

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Oh yeah

by jimmy-jam In reply to A lot of money

well there is always THAT option

I was working under the assumption he wanted to try and do all this himself. :0

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Trying to create a business plan

by mtt1724 In reply to A lot of money

What I'm really trying to do is create a business plan to hand to my regular investers and possibly some new ones. I am definitely not thinking of learning and doing this on my own. I know html and some java, but I know nothing on this sort of scale. I'm planning on hiring for the development. I am able to have a large budget, but I have no idea on how large. How much are we talking? 100k? 500k? or more? Timeline is to be determined.

Thanks again for the timely responses. Is there anyone you guys would recommend talking to that might know a little more on what I can do?

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If you have very little knowledge of technology

by jimmy-jam In reply to Novice Web Developer Ques ...

I hate to say this but what your asking is gonna be darn near impossible. There are so many factors to consider which quite frankly are beyond the scope of a single thread. Start studying HTML, ASP and Javascript. You're going to need to know how to setup a database and connect to it to store your data.


Best of luck

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More info please. :)

by LarryD4 In reply to Novice Web Developer Ques ...

Read your post about a business plan, but why don't you tell us a little more, to get a better assessment?

Such as..

Will you need the visitor to search on active inventory?

Do you need to except purchase transactions?

Will you need to be secure and process user logins for access to more information and or services?

Do you plan on hosting the actual system in-house or do you plan to outsource?

Do you have any early marketing data on what type of visitor load you expect?

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Answer to your questions

by mtt1724 In reply to More info please. :)

-Yes, the visitor will need to search inventory.

-Yes, transactions will be made

-Yes, process logins for specific info will be needed.

-hosting will be determined depending on cost effectiveness

-no, I don't have early marketing data yet.

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Site traffic and inventory control will be the deciding factors.

by LarryD4 In reply to Answer to your questions

A small company could get a web page for say 5000 dollars, which should include a one time web design and setup for inventory control and online transactions.
A large company with a larger inventory would be looking in the 10,000 dollar area.

These are just numbers to get started. If your outsourcing everything, then you have to deal with monthly charges to the ISP that supports your domain and data. And business models for web sites depend largely on the amount of traffic to your site. So as you become more popular and more people visit your site, your monthly costs will go up.

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