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Now I get down and dirty with DVD's

By Mike (from Canada) ·
Ever since I got my DVD rom drive with DVD's, I always wanted to watch movies on my computer.

It seems that the only way I can truly see them with my budget of $0 is to actually write a program that can decode a VOB file.

I have discovered that a VOB file is quite similar to an MPEG-2 file. I have some reference to the structure to an MPEG-2 file format, but I cannot understand what GOP (group of pictures) means.

I read elsewhere that MPEG relies on the JPEG standard.

Can someone please point me to complete details on the MPEG-2 format (or better yet, the VOB format) without me paying a cent for it?

I want to make a DVD player in QuickBasic once I figure out the internal format of VOB files.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Now I get down and dirty ...

One of the better places to start:


And a whole host of MpEg links:

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by Gary_W In reply to Now I get down and dirty ...

Cool site with tons of DVD info:


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by Mike (from Canada) In reply to Now I get down and dirty ...

I'm not rating answers yet because I want to see more answers. I definitely do not have the top-of the line computer, and I only want to use Windows 95 as my 32-bit operating system because to me and my Pentium I computer, it is faster and more stable than the newer ones.

I will definitely accept your answer if it shows the internal structure of the MPEG-2 or VOB format. In fact, I will without question, accept your answer if you can find me source code in QuickBasic that can play DVD videos with sound.

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