now something is seriously wrong and im pissed

By Norehca ·
I did a total reinstall of windows last night. Didnt make it to school the next morning becaus ei was so damn tired and didnt feel well. I finally wake up today to try out my brand new 300$ x1950 pro, and what do you know. I go online with Battlefield 2 and it still sucks!

I said grrr, ok its not the video card i thought it was, i put all settings on medium. It STILL lags like a b*tch! It has its wicked smooth moments, then every 5 seconds or so it glitches out and lags for up to 10 seconds. Then goes back to being all smooth. My Radeon 9600 XT never did that! It ran almost perfect online with 60+ people on a huge map at 1024x768, and never did this to me!

Note: I ruled out my internet connection as these moments of lagging are not of high ping, it gets to the point where it almost freezes and sounds repeat themselves.

What is wrong? Please help me!

My PC Specs:
K8VSE Deluxe Mobo (AMD Athlon 64 3700+)
1GB DDR400
VisionTek Radeon x1950 Pro AGP (256mb @ 1380mhz)
Windows XP SP2 (fresh install)

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by w2ktechman In reply to now something is seriousl ...

First things first
1. Take a deep breath
2. repeat rule 1.

ok, when all calmed down, why was the OS needed to be reinstalled?
How is the system setup.
It can be HDD problems, HW incompatibility, SW updates, etc.
Maybe even your page file is fragmented badly as well, which can cause issues, maybe the 256 MB Ram on the VC is bad, maybe the VC processor is bad, maybe you are underpowering your box, maybe there is electrical problems (brownouts) in your area.

As Hal pointed out earlier, many newer graphics cards need additional power plugged into it. Are you using the MB to power it, or an additional plug on the unit.

What is the card slot for the VC?
Did you install the latest drivers for the new card?
did you run updates for Windows, or the game?

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i think im ok now, alright to business

by Norehca In reply to Frustrated???

I installed the latest drivers. This card is AGP and it IS plugged into the PSU which i have confirmed is 400w.

All games are updated along with windows. Reason for reinstall was because of several rootkits found and the lack of performance. The page file is sync, and i have the pagefile erased at every shutdown/restart via a registry edit.

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I think a larger PS may be needed

by w2ktechman In reply to i think im ok now, alrigh ...

as it may be overloading or near overloading and causing performance issues.

Did you look through the battlefield FAQ's for issues with that card? Sometimes it may happen.
Otherwise, it may be faulty memory, fragmented HDD or page file, or bad VC.

There are tools (even free) that can test all aspects of your system, but I would first suggest to look on http://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894
find your card and look at the FAQ. Maybe they even have SW to test your card, or can recommend some.

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Power Supply issues

by JamesRL In reply to I think a larger PS may b ...

You can ask George, its not necessarily the rating on the label but the quality and output on the individual connectors.

I had an x850 XT, which was at one time the fastest thing going - it wanted a 450 watt PS but ran fine on my Antec 300, because it was a decent PS.

There are lots of tweaking guides on www.secretsofbattlefield.com.

I wouldn't suspect PS issue unless the video image drops out and dies. I suspect RAM. Have you tested your memory? Battlefield is very memory intensive and tends to bog down when it has not enough memory. If you have a flaky RAM module, that could explain alot.

I still suggest you download the 3dmark benchmark program and get a reading. You can then find reviews on the net which you can compare to.


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by Naw-yi In reply to Power Supply issues

give your bios settings, with CL, tRCD, tRP, tRAS settings.
give cpu to agp memory addressing.

by the way are u running the lastest card driver from ati?

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3dmark 06

by Norehca In reply to now something is seriousl ...

ok so i ran it....failure!

Yes thats right, i ran it with a resolution of 1024x768 and the rest of the settings at default and i got about a max framrate of about 15.

I wasnt able to get a score because when the CPU test started up it freezes after 20 frames. I get 1 fps max. What does this mean?

Im guessing the CPU is the problem for slow performance. But what could have caused this? And if my CPU is damaged, is the socket itself damaged as well? I CANNOT afford another motherboard. **** i cant afford another CPU. The only thing i can think of that damaged my cpu is when i first got my parts for my computer i put the cpu in and the heat sync on without compound. I was getting high temps and i read and found out, I NEED COMPOUND! After that i got temps of about 130 - 150. I solved the problem with a new heat sync. Im guessing its been damaged over time from high temps and my stupid mistake of not putting any compound on.
Please help!

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