now that you haved cloned how do you open it

By camone ·
once you clone in clonezilla it comes out tto be a linux iso image then you have to use an iso image opening tool such as iso buster. and that costs more money.I need help here please

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Sorry I'm must be missing something here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to now that you haved cloned ...

What are you attempting to do?

If you clone a Drive with Clonezilla you get a working HDD that is a exact copy of the drive that you cloned from. The only time that I have seen a ISO Image from a Clonezilla run is when you tell it to make a ISO Image.


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cloning with clonezilla

by camone In reply to now that you haved cloned ...

Well it works but it won't boot or anything. I did the steps outlined in the cd online. it copied it ok ,but it didn't make it a bootable copy . and as an iso it won't open in windows its a good program for linux but it still has issues with windows . i did not use a downloaded copy. I bought a copy cheaply and mabey i sorry for it now. I f it doesn't work with windows so be it , i'll use with my linus material.

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Well as I use Clonezilla quite a lot

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to cloning with clonezilla

For Windows Cloning I'm at a loss with your question. I'm not sure what you have done here but it most certainly isn't a straight Clone.

Perhaps if you have more than 1 Partition on the cloned drive that would explain your lack of success as you need to clone the first partition created first and so on down the Partition chain if you want that cloned Disc to be Bootable. Also Clonezilla doesn't normally produce a ISO Image it's an identical copy to what the original was so I'm assuming that you've done something wrong here.

You can get the newest version of Clonezilla here along with the instructions for use.


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Clonzilla and SID's

by shhite In reply to Well as I use Clonezilla ...

We are testing using clonezilla and I would like to know what you do about the SID's on the Windows computers. We were testing out sysprep but it seems like a long drawn out process. What is your procedure?

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Thanks for the help.

by camone In reply to Well as I use Clonezilla ...

All I wanted to do was clone my hard drive a 160 gig to a 320 gig. I have the 320 in a external usb drive case and the 160 gig is in my machine at the present time. Thanks for the help nothing is wrong at the present both drives are working fine. Didn't mean to confuse you.

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