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Now we are returning from out among the stars

By john.a.wills ·
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...warping on, warping on, warping on to Mars.

Does anyone remember this from perhaps a 1950s science-fiction musical? If so, can you give some details?

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by jck In reply to Now we are returning from ...

Never heard that one.

When I think space, I always think of the song that goes... "This is Major Tom to Ground Control..."

Just waiting now for the IAU conference to have someone bring up the vote now that they know
a) Pluto orbits the sun,
b) Pluto is has a rocky, near spherical shape because of its mass, and
c) Mars has a satellite smaller than Pluto's, and it hasn't cleared it from it's "neighbourhood"

Waiting for Pluto to be a planet again :)

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Yes John I remember the song

by OH Smeg In reply to Now we are returning from ...

But I can't remember the musical either.

But nowdays it's probably the Martians turning the earth ships back to prevent Illegial Imerigration.

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Oh good, OH Smeg, someone about my age...

by john.a.wills In reply to Yes John I remember the s ...

Do you remember any more of the song than what I posted (which is all I remember)?

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No idea John

by OH Smeg In reply to Oh good, OH Smeg, someone ...

I remembered vaguely the words you listed though I'm not sure that they came from a musical could have been a song from a show/movie type thing.

I've been working with computers for too long and fried my brain.

Got to the stage that I couldn't remember songs from my own collection of music when the wife put on one of my records the other day. Pretty bad when you know that you know the song and can not remember the name even though they are saying it continually. In that case it was Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straights and that’s a hard one not to get.


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I did a bunch of searching

by jck In reply to Oh good, OH Smeg, someone ...

I can't find anything lyrically. Which is strange. I even tried sites in a couple other countries thinking American sites would be limited.

No luck yet tho. Sorry

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