NSLOOKUP shows old IP Address to server

By tommy.moua ·
I have a server on my Network with 2 nic cards. The ip address on nic1 = and nic2 = I changed the ip address on nic2 to to cnnect to the vlan for our SAN. For some reason my clients are still seeing this server as If I flush the DNS cache on the clients, it will see the server as but after 20 minutes my clients loses connection to the server. If I ping the server from the clients it shows ip address When I run nslookup on my server it shows both & I've checked my DNS servers and it has been updated but why is nslookup still showing and my clients still sees the server as Does this seem like a DNS Server issue? I've looked at my forward and reverse zones and it has been updated.

Any advice?

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Any secondary DNS

by Fregeus In reply to NSLOOKUP shows old IP Add ...

Any servers acting as secondary DNS servers on your client's network? They might not have updated yet.


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4 DNS servers in our environment

by tommy.moua In reply to Any secondary DNS

We have 4 DNS servers in our environment. I've checked and they all seem to be updated. I'll give my DNS servers more time to update. It's been less than 24 hours so I'll give it more time.

Thanks for the reply.

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what routing did you set up

by Dumphrey In reply to NSLOOKUP shows old IP Add ...

to allow access to the .21.0 network used by nic2? you will probably need to configure routing and remote access on the server.

But as for nslookup, are any references to the old ip left in dns? And are the client attempting to nslookup on the same subnet? Also try clearing the dns resolver cache on the server, not just the clients, that will force the server to re-read its tables instead of handing out cached info.

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Cisco Vlan

by tommy.moua In reply to what routing did you set ...

The vlan is configured on our Cisco router to isolate the traffic between our SAN & Servers from the normal traffic. The nic2 has also been configured to use the vlan subnet.The vlan is working as expected.

I checked this morning and there was a Pointer(PTR) with the old ip address so I deleted the pointer and just noticed that the pointer reappeared on our DNS. I've cleared the dns resolver cache on the servers as well. When I clear the resolver cache the clients will use the correct ip address but after 20 minutes or so, almost like the DNS refreshes or updates and it points back to the old ip address.

Thanks for you reply.

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by davidburke84 In reply to NSLOOKUP shows old IP Add ...

Sounds like your DNS may be hosed. Look at your secondary server (if you have one) and make sure that entry is correct. Make sure all clients are pointed to your primary DNS server. I would also think you should run DCDIAG.Exe. This command: DCDIAG /TEST:DNS can test the health of DNS. (This is of course if you're running DNS on a Windows Domain Controller.)


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by jameskelly In reply to DNS

Had a very similar issue, within DNS management console, expand forward lookup zones and click <domain name>. ensure that the A records for your old DC's have been removed. If they have not then manually delete them. This resolved the issue for me.

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