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    NSlookup times out


    by mccabe ·

    When I do a NSLOOKUP the primary DNS server returns it’s name and IP
    addy right away. Then at the prompt right below my first command, I type
    NSLOOKUP and any server name and I get the server name and IP addy returned correctly as well as a pause and the following text :

    > DNS request timed out.
    > timeout was 2 seconds
    > *** Request to servername timed out
    > > Any ideas as to what is wrong ?

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      nslookup time out

      by willystickaround ·

      In reply to NSlookup times out

      By typing nslookup and pressing enter, you are now in the nslookup “mode”. The next command would be: server {space} “name or ipaddress”. Type help for commands exit to get back to the command prompt.

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        NSLOOKUP- The 5-cent tour

        by jackieb ·

        In reply to nslookup time out

        OK, heres the 5-cent tour of NSLOOKUP! When you type in NSLOOKUP and hit the enter key, this places you in the lookup mode and you get a different prompt. When in this mode, you do not type NSLOOKUP again because, since you are already in the lookupmode, what it is looking for now is the machine name (which may have to be ‘fully qualified’, meaning it is the machine name plus the domain name in dot notation e.g. ‘’) or IP address you are trying to do the lookup on. If you enter NSLOOKUP at this prompt then the name server will try to resolve NSLOOKUP into an IP address and will fail, causing the timeout reply you indicated. Your nameserver is working correctly. If you are at the DOS prompt you can type NSLOOKUP and it will do the lookup. You do not have to enter the actual lookup mode to perform a lookup. Where the lookup mode is handy is if you are doing multiple lookups you can enter lookup mode by typing NSLOOKUP and enter, then you can just enter the name or IP address, hit enter, enter the next name or IP, hit enter, etc. for all the lookups you want to perform. Most people use the “NSLOOKUP ” convention to do a lookup. This concludes the current 5-cent tour. Jackie

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          nslookup problems too!

          by kendalgleish ·

          In reply to NSLOOKUP- The 5-cent tour

          I am having a similar problem, when using nslookup I get the following errors:
          (Transcript of screen follows)

          DNS request timed out.
          timeout was 2 seconds.
          *** Can’t find server name for address : Timed out
          ***Default servers are not available
          Server: UnKnown


          :\> (back to prompt)

          (end transcript)

          Why won’t the DNS server return its own server name (Server: Unknown)?

          Any help will be appreciated.


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      Press F5 (refresh)

      by mkern ·

      In reply to NSlookup times out

      You may have to refresh a couple of times and you’ll get you bounce back.

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